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Brokebottle Pro Wrestling Originals (2K18)

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Alright so here are the Brokebottle Pro Wrestling Originals. They are all CAWs I created throughout my time created and making my own wrestling stories. I know my creations are nowhere close to some of the creations you guys have created here but I have created these guys in this universe for 3 plus years now (streaming for a few months) and I’m proud of where they are now. Also I’m not good at Logos, Face scans, and Tattoos so that is why they look so basic but I have grown to like their simplicities lol. But if anyone can help with Tattoos and Logos would be appreciated. And check out BPW live on twitch every Tuesday 1pm EST.





Brooklyn (heel)

From: Brooklyn, New York

Signature: Jumping DDT, Snapmare + Big Boot

Finisher: G Drop

She is a former boxer and the sister of other BPW Original Knock Out. She was initially known for being brutal and viciously attacking her opponents. She was also a part of an female faction the only one in BPW Original history. Brooklyn (heel)



El Loco (Heel)

From: Guadalajara, Mexico

Signature: Stairway to Heaven

Finisher: LOCOmotive, Omega Splash

Currently in BPW history is one of the company’s biggest heels. He is the leader of the faction Omega which has run rough shot over BPW for many months. He is the longest reigning BPW World champion. He thinks of himself of a god and that relates a lot to his personality. Also he is really good at promos one of the best so far in BPW.



Even Wilson (Heel)

From: Toronoto Ontario, Canada

Signature: Diving Moonsault, Break down Leg Drop

Finisher: Fly By Kick, Willow

He is another big heel in the BPW universe. He has had the most changes to his personality inside the BPW Originals universe. He started as a normal baby face, finally loses his (U.S.) title after a long reign which breaks him, He turns heel and all that crazy goes into his ego. In his mind he is the greatest wrestler in the universe (Actually is a good wrestler lol). He also is married to other Original Lee and twin brother to Owen Wilson. Inaugural BPW World champion. Also likes to shout “I’M THE FACE” (Meta Joke from his WWE days)



Gabriella (Heel)

From: Honolulu, Hawaii

Signature: Doom Drop, Butterfly Suplex

Finisher: Darkness Falls

She started her career as a silent but extremely great in the ring tweener. She wore a Jabbawockeez mask because she thought she was not worthy to look at. Brooklyn actually was the superstar that made her finally take her mask off and join her to form the Bad Girls. In their normal lives there are best friends. She is also very underrated being probably one of the best female Original.




Jack Lewis (Face)

From: Long Beach, California

Signature: Snap Head-butt, Shoulder Barge

Finisher: Overdrive

Jack Lewis on the surface is your typical strong guy baby face. In the beginning of BPW he was in the position to be the top Face of the company but could not prove he can hold that spot. Inside and outside BPW he is a guy that can be in the main event scene but could never be “The guy.” He was a BPW World champion but not for very long. He was even a World Champion in the WWE.



Johnny Holloway (Face)

From: Dallas, Texas

Signature: Seeing Stars, Knee smash+Reverse DDT

Finisher: Stargaze

Johnny was my second ever created CAW. He has a never give up or never quit attitude and if it was in the game we would never tap probably always pass out. He is like my Cena, the face of the company guy. He biggest rival is El Loco and their rivalry goes all the way to their time in WWE. Actually trying to end his career is why El Loco turned heel. Coming back from a severe neck injury is what propelled him into the position he in now. Him and El Loco kinda have a Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens relationship doomed to fight forever and also put on great matches ever time.




Ken Yamamoto (Face)

From: Tokyo, Japan

Signature: Rapid Knee Strike, Springboard Swiss Uppercut

Finisher: Lighting Strike

Ken is my newest caw. I recently started watching New Japan and I wanted to create a caw with strong style as his main style. Ken is new and I don’t completely have his entire personality down. He is the Inaugural BPW Internet champion as well. Currently his most memorable rivals are Tarek Arafa( Thanks G.M.P. Also their story line was the most fully realized starting on the first episode and climaxed at Go For Broke) and Even Wilson (Who put him over because he is a BPW Original and wanted to push the young star).



Knock Out (Face)

From: Brooklyn, New York

Signature: Brooklyn Jab, Corner Trapped Punches

Finisher: Knock Out Punch, Lights Out

He was a very successful boxer and the older brother of Brooklyn. He started off as a generic serious fighter heel. But I decided that was too basic and I decided to repackage him. He came back as a face with a huge push easily taking out the IC champion in the WWE (Was Great Khali at the time who was undefeated for 5 months). He then went on to have a fantastic match with CM Punk at Wrestlemania (Also the last time Punk was in WWE games) winning that match elevated him to basically “top mid carder” in BPW. KO can be placed in also any part of BPW and fits he is one of most adaptive caws and a fan favorite between all my family and friends lol. And Possibly dating/dated Melissa Holmes (Thanks X-zero)



Lee (Face)

From: Tokyo, Japan

Signature: Lee Detector, Tokyo Blitz

Finisher: Owari, Lotus Flower Bomb

When she was in the WWE she was the Top Women in the roster holding the championship for 10 months before losing it only to injury. When she came back she regained the title and even left the WWE as the longest reigning women’s wrestler in the modern era. She also has one of my most creative movesets I ever gave to a caw she almost has a completely unique moveset even from wrestlers in real life. In BPW she is a veteran and she is basically in the position of Nattie and Micki James. But with her skill and charisma she could easily be in the main event or top of the women’s division.



Owen Wilson (Face)

From: Toronto Ontario, Canada

Signature: Back Rotation Suplex, Grand Stomp

Finisher: Backstabber

He has not had the same kind of career as his brother Even Wilson. Both Even and Owen were supposed to join WWE at the same time but a car accident stopped Owen from joining for almost two years. As his brother was working his way to the top of the card Owen was trying his hardest to get healthy enough to join his brother in the limelight. When he did finally make it he realized his brother had change and they had a great brother vs brother feud. Owen Wilson is a fantastic wrestler but always seems to be a few steps behind his twin Even but he is building up to be a big star.




Roy Knight (Heel)

From: unknown

Signature: The Descent, Falcon Arrow

Finisher: Knightfall

Roy Knight is the son of the GM and CEO of BPW. But instead of joining the roster as the simple baby face that his father wanted he decided he was going to make it on his own. (I wanted to create a Bray Wyatt/Undertaker character but with a little bit of his own style.) He wears the face paint for power and the Lantern of Truth is a mystical item. Just like Ken he is one of the newbies of BPW that really wants to prove himself. I’m still figuring all his personality as well. Also he is the leader of The Dark Order.



Ruby Rose (Heel)

From: Puerto Rico

Signature: Rubysteiner, Moonsault splash

Finisher: End of the Rose, Bonita Terminar

During her time in WWE she was basically in the same position as Lee but on a different show. She held the Divas title for about a year in the WWE. (Her and Lee had the Cena/Batista thing going on both completely dominated their position on each show.) Her Heel turn was very shocking to the fans (and even my viewers at the time) because she with Brooklyn and Gabriella are the people that injured Lee. Her and Lee had a legendary match at Wrestlemania then they both went to BPW they both hold the same position currently.



Skull (Face)

From: unknown

Signature: Chokeslam, Argentine sidewalk slam

Finisher: Skull Bash, Skull Sault

Was not my original caw but then went on to be lol. He was created buy my uncle and was simply made to look bad ass. When I took over the creation of him he became my monster (basically part Kane and Undertake) He was also book like one. He join WWE on the ECW brand and held the ECW title for about a year then went on to have a great feud with Randy Orton. During this time Skull was a tweener more on the heel side but promos turned him face when I kept putting typos he became a face. He won the WWE Title and US Title in WWE and he is also one of the oldest caws out of the Originals. Is treated like a legend in the BPW universe and was retired by Roy Knight at Go For Broke (Passing the torch.) He may hold a Legends contract soon with BPW.



Victor (Face)

From: Miami, Florida

Signature: 305, High knee + Clothesline

Finisher: Axe Kick, Pretty Boy Elbow drop

Victor started off as a cocky heel who thought he was above everyone. But slowly he started to have great matches and moving up in the card. He actually claimed the World Title in the WWE and then he was shown as someone who can be in the main event. He soon lost the title but became a fan favorite being able to be anywhere in the midcard and reasonably placed in the main event scene. Victor still gives off his cocky vibe but tries not to be too overboard and he hel the BPW Internet title. (Think of him as current day Miz just a little worst on the mic and a better wrestler.)


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