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Alex's Fantasy OC CAWS and Non-Original Fantasy CAWS (and OC wrestler CAWs)

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Here is the first few images of the CAW I have used in one form or another since the 90's. He's actually based on one of my science fantasy books I've written years ago. I had to tone down the design and powers of some of the characters like this one so that they could be "wrestlers" (so no superpowers were allowed except what is in "Kayfabe.") Any feedback would be great.


The Exorcist Doctor, Johnas Kase


Kayfabe History (Toned down in this case):


Born: August 15, 1954


Height: 7'8"


Weight: 750 lbs.


Hometown: Zurich, Switzerland


Resides: City of Angels


Face/Heel: Face


Entrance Theme: Voyage




Two-Handed Chokebomb, Elevated Triangle Choke




Two-Handed Chokeslam, Biel 2


Gimmick: Supernatural Exorcist with spiritual powers


Style: Giant, though can also use technical moves and employ a slight flying moves (he can perform a hurricanrana :P).














I think I'll post my CAWs in my storyline thread I have in the creative section as I think no one is interested in original non-wrestler superhero-esque CAWS in the miscellaneous section.

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