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J-man89's Alt attires- Kevin Owens Summerslam 2018 Attire Added!


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Kevin Owens Summerslam 2018 Attire= Tags Kevin Owens, Summerslam, Straightedge_89


Edge Camo Attires- Tags Edge, 2007, Straightedge_89







Unforgiven 2006 attire + Black and Silver attire- Tags Edge, 2006, Straightedge_89







Edge 2006 attires- Tags Edge, 2006, Straightedge_89







TJP 7/17/18 attire- Tags TJP, 205 Live, Straightedge_89






Shinsuke Nakamura Extreme Rules attire- Tags Shinsuke Nakamura, Extreme Rules, Straightedge_89







AJ Styles Extreme Rules 2018 attire- Tags AJ Styles, Extreme Rules, Straightedge_89







Finn Balor Extreme Rules 2018 attire- Tags Finn Balor, Extreme Rules, Straightedge_89







The Mighty Heel Attires- Tags, Shane Thorne, Nick Miller, The Mighty, Straightedge_89









Noam Dar NXT UK 2018 Attire- Tags Noam Dar, 205 Live, Straightedge_89






Jack Gallagher UK Tournament 2018 Attire- Tags Jack Gallagher, UK, Straightedge_89






Roderick Strong House Of Truth Attires- Tags Roderick Strong, ROH, Straightedge_89







Kevin Owens Raw 5/7/18 attire- Tags Kevin Owens, Raw, Straightedge_89







Shane Thorne NXT 5/2/18 attire- Tags Shane Thorn, TM61, Straightedge_89







Nick Miller NXT 5/2/18 attire- Tags Nick Miller, TM61, Straightedge_89







AJ Styles WM 32 & 33 attires- Tags AJ Styles, Wrestlemania, Straightedge_89







Samoa Joe ROH attires- Tags Samoa Joe, ROH, Straightedge_89







Big Cass Greatest Royal Rumble + SDL 4/17/18 - Tags Big Cass, Royal Rumble, Straightedge_89







Shinsuke Nakamura WM34/SDL 4/10/18 attires- Tags Shinsuke Nakamura, Wrestlemania, Straightedge_89







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Can you confirm if alternate attires or CAW singlets in general still have the straps down taunt? A lot of people were worried they couldn't select the taunt for CAWs or that changing Angle and Taker's attires would remove the taunt somehow.


I know they're available for alternate attires, as I just pulled down the straps on J-man89's Kurt Angle from this very thread.

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Wow, these look amazing, thank you very much!




Uhm, can you reupload him again? There are textures missing, he downloads without the eagle texture on his belly.


I just downloaded it to look and all the textures are showing up for me, others have downloaded it and never said it was missing logos.


I think its just a glitch that sometimes happens when you download attires. I had a similar thing happen when i downloaded Jeb's The Bar attires, some logos were missing but for others they weren't. Its a bug that 2K need to patch, it doesn't happen for every attire but for some apparently it does.


If its just the eagle texture thats missing i can send it to you and you can put it on there yourself.

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I will test it later again, would be nice if it doesn't work because i already downloaded it again 3 times this afternoon and every time it doesn't download a texture with it. Normally you can see if a CAW has textures and if, you see how many it downloads but it doesn't do it with this one. Is it the only one? I have no textures on both attires only the stars.


I'm not sure if i have the inside of the stars tho.

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Update in first post, Akira Tozawa blue and yellow attire added.


Ran out of layers so i didn't get this as perfect as i wanted, but i wanted to get an accurate updated Tozawa attire on CC that isn't just a recolor of the default attire like all the Tozawa attires currently on CC.


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Tozawa looks great,Could you please add this attire(his silver one) as his alt http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/videos/2017/17896/video-205-live-919-akira-tozawa-vs-noam-dar/


Yeah i probably will at some point, i was going to originally but it took a while to get his blue and yellow attire made and i ran into some issues and it took longer than expected and by the time i was done i didn't feel like making his other attire.


But yeah i'll probably get around to making that one eventually.

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Hey I sent u some pics on PSN ur tozawa for me is missing logos, anyone else get this? Should I delete and download him again?


I have that issue too, it's a bug when the creators resize the image. It then appears as missing when we download.


Hopefully it gets patched.

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Ok i'm not too informed on the glitch, so it happens when i place a logo down and then go back to resize it?


Yup. You basically have to one-shot it, or if you need to edit the size of the logo, you'll need to delete it and redo it.


The glitch occurs when you place and save the logo, then go back in to resize it. It will appear fine on your end and when previewed on CC or in CAW menus, but anyone that downloads it will just get blank logos for whatever you resized.

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