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Borusse´s Performance Center - Heavy Machinery ( Otis Update + Tucker Preview)

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Hi there,
also this year I will try my best to get good caws out to the people.
For the past 3-4 years it was tradition for me to create Alexander Wolfe, the first ever German Wrestler to win a WWE Championship.
As he is now featured in the game it doesn´t make a lot of sense to create him again this year (if I have the time maybe some of his earlier attires).
But then a few months ago WWE signed the german Wrestler Marcel Barthel, formerly known as Axel Dieter Jr. who was part of the Ringkampf stable at wxw with Big Daddy Walter and Timothy Thatcher. So I will try to create him this year.
After I finished my first version of Barthel, I decided to create on of NXTs hottest Tag Teams right now: Heavy Machinery.
For now I only finished Dozovic, but even this version isn´t final (Logos on the side are still missing and the name on the front of his entrance gear still has a wrong font.)

Marcel Barthel - Preview:


Otis Dozovic - Update:




Tucker Knight - Preview:



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I updated Otis and finished Tucker. Maybe someone can help me with Tuckers Tattoos? Pretty hard to find decent pictures of them.


Maybe also someone has a tipp for me regarding Bodymorphing? Although I already chose the fattest body for Otis and tried to make him as wide as possible he still does look pretty normal and too close to Tuckers morphing in my opinion.

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