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King RyderFan

RyderFan Reviews

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Hello, and welcome to this first edition of RyderFan reviews, where I take a wrestling game I have played and review it. I'll be reviewing roster, game modes and of course gameplay. I hope to try to bust one review out a week now, but don't hold me to it.

Since WWE 2K18 is releasing in little under a week, I thought I'd go with the game preceding it, WWE 2K17 for my first review, but enough stalling, let's jump straight into it.


Like most 2K games, WWE 2K17 has a huge roster spanning multiple eras. In total there are 183 different wrestlers in the game, including duplicates like Razor Ramon & Scott Hall as well as managers like Paul Heyman. From the 80's with guys like Sting and Andre the Giant, to the stars of NXT like Hideo Itami and Carmella, there is a high chance that this game covers whatever era of WWE or any company they own that you need. The DLC helps expand this, seeing names like Eddie Guerrero & Tye Dillinger, as well as tag teams like Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson be added to the long list of names that this game features. However, nothing is perfect. Where 2K17's roster falls down is managers. 2K16, the previous entry in this series, featured names like Jimmy Hart, Paul Bearer, Miss Elizabeth & Sensational Sherri. All of whom are sadly missing in this edition. All in all, I think the roster for 2K17 is worth a solid 8.5/10.



For 2K17, the Showcase modes that were heavily featured in the last few games went the way of the dodo for the most part. The only showcase this year being a downloadable Hall of Fame showcase, allowing players to relive at least one match from almost every member of the 2016 Hall of Fame Class, from Big Boss Man's bout with the Big Show at Armageddon 1999, to Jacqueline facing Ivory for the Women's title on an episode of SmackDown during the Attitude Era. 2K claimed the lack of Showcase was due to "wanting to focus on MyCareer and Universe Mode", but was it really? Barring the ability to now add people to more than one show, meaning you are no longer forced to run a brand split should you not want to, Universe received no visible upgrades, while MyCareer was an even longer grind just to reach the chance to have one title match. However, earning VC was made much easier, meaning you didn't have to wait like 10 in-game months just so your CAW could do something as basic as climb up to the top rope. All in all, I think the Game Modes are worth a solid 7/10.



In terms of Gameplay, the biggest update has to be that after years of fans clamouring for it, finally the ability to go backstage during falls count anywhere matches as well as fighting in the crowd have returned. Barring the referee being like 500 miles away from the action while you are in one of those places, they are pretty fun to fight in. Being able to superkick someone into a locker is pretty fun, as well as spearing them into a TV. Another noticable change was reworking tables matches. Gone are the days of having to hope your opponent's arm just about clips through the able in such a way that it breaks. Instead during table matches you are given a meter to fill before you can slam your opponent through the table with one of the newly introduced table finishers, which is filled by using table strikes and grapples on your opponent. This makes tables matches a lot more fun to play. Onto the basic gameplay however, not much has changed from 2K16's slower simulation style, which isn't a bad thing, considering how awesome 2K16's gameplay was. All in all the gameplay in 2K17 merits a solid 8.5/10.



To conclude, while fans of the faster, arcade pace of previous games like Here Comes the Pain and SmackDown VS RAW may not be a fan of the direction of the gameplay, 2K are making great strides in the way of a realistic game not unlike to what you see on WWE TV every week, if they can just focus more on sorting out issues like not being able to assign managers in Universe mode, they will be well on their way to making the perfect wrestling game.


OVERALL: 24/30. Great game, just needs a few issues tweaked.

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