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Bad things I've noticed , what about you guys


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So Sid is unchanged and still looks awful

Macho mans hair is changed looks odd

Warrior looks awful and his hair is bad

Chris Jericho retro his hair is to high and too light

Dx hunter hair to light

Lex Luger looks worse and hair is too light

Mr perfect is now over tanned

Tamina looks worse pale and walks down to the ring like she is lost

Alicia fox is way off so much better last year

Nattie neidhart looks way to fat in the face and her eyebrow eyes area is off

Worried it's too easy to eliminate ppl in royal rumble from vids

Goldust is awful plane awful, worst face paint I've ever seen

Booker t has r truths hair doesn't look right



Will keep updating and please let me know your thoughts


Will go over all the improvements also but for now it's my rant lol

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Also the refs are still just as bad as I've said b4 and I believe superstars act the same when targeting others when not a one v one match, stiff necked and sharp movements , the transitions look awful


Will be patched for sure



Would love to hear any defending of my bad views , I think I'm spot on so far with the ingame models and would like to know what you guys see that's awful and also the things you like



So far I'm very pleased with kurt angle taking his straps down that's very cool

Micky James looks awesome happy with that, Bret Hart still looks good that's a plus for me

Brock lesnar looks miles better

John cena body size looks better this year

We all know undertaker looks so good this year

Earthquake looks better with the lighting fx


Uk title being in is a nice touch

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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