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What gimmicks will your CAWS have this year ?


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I will make characters of friends and a few acquaintances. So I will give them gimmicks based on their interests or lifestyle.
Right now I'm thinking of some metal fans, one or two competitive bodybuilder, a few pro fighters each one with different fighting style and one hip-hop singer.
Although I have seen all the entrances so far, I still don't know the ones I will choose for each character. What I know is that I will certainly use the Terminator 2 entrance if it stills on the game.

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My three main caws are usually pretty much the same gimmick each time, I have my main caw who is essentially me - with HBK and AJ Styles influences, the second is based on Prince Naseem Hamed visually - and the third is the monster / big man, although I will be taking advantage of the awesome dark light and glow facilities for his face paint this time, he's kind of physically based on the early to mid 90's Undertaker - but crossed with the voodoo / dark magic element of Papa Shango.


Might bring back Jayden Lazarra this time, now there's more variety in caw face types - inspired by Lister from Red Dwarf. Possibly even the Lightning Kid - Alex Storm, as well.

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My main CAW is like this mid 20's, millennial, cocky wrestling "prodigy". Backstory: did a stint in MMA, Japan, was a young high school/college star, had YouTube following, news broke when we signed to WWE. He has a big head and wants to outshine the locker room "Be like No one" and others still see him as a loud rookie or the next best thing.

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I'm bring my guy Nick "The Rebel" Journey over to 2K18. He's from Vancouver BC and he's 33 yrs old. Been using him since 2K14. He''s former NJPW talent. He's been with Bullet Club while in NJPW but he's always wanted nothing more than to be the leader of Bullet Club. It wasn't until word got out that AJ was headed for the WWE that Nick saw his opportunity. But as we see now, Journey never became the leader as Kenny Omega took his seat which led to beef between the two. Fast forward to 2K17 where Nick debuts Smackdown Live. I've been in a rivalry with AJ Styles a few times in career mode. We finally made it to Summer Slam where the rivalry would end for a 3rd time but this time the final match was for who could claim leadership of The Club. Journey did come out on top and is now the new leader of The Club. But, as of last week Journey felt that wasn't done. He wanted what AJ proudly carries around his waist which is the US Championship. The match was made last Tuesday on Smackdown Live and the contract signing will happen tonight. The match takes place at Hell In A Cell. That's what bringing over to 2K18. My story is actually longer than this. Hopefully this time I can have better time to play through Universe mode. I have a lot to carry over.

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I could fill the forum with profiles, but I will just give my top stars in each promotion.


David Hartley

A former military cadet in the British Special Forces Support Group, this Norfolk, England, native is still considered somewhat of a rookie in pro-wrestling. Prone to brawling, much like his rumored days of getting in fights on military bases, Hartley is not incapable of upholding the tradition of British technical wrestling but rather simply doesn’t prefer doing so.


Sam "The Executioner" Song

“Wrestling Sam Song is like wrestling death itself” Dog Bite Devereux once stated. The Executioner is known for his head rocking lariats and sheer drop suplexes have been called on numerous occasions the most dangerous man on the planet. As equally concerning as his skill set, his aloof attitude added to the perception that opponents getting into the ring with Song may be having a rough night. The fans seem to love the man’s style though, and promoters have been quick to take notice of this.


Michael Maverick

In another time Michael Maverick would have been Old West Marshall, but fate had other plans for the man who would become known as the “Voice of the People.” A product of rural American life and a blue-collar family gave Maverick his seemingly hokey set of values and folksy sense of charm.

Upon Joining Southern Premier Wrestling, Maverick was quickly identified as a blue chipper, a combination of charisma, size, and talent that only comes along once in awhile, and often fades too quickly. Paired with the SPW owner Gibson Ellis’s son Edison, Maverick and the younger Ellis were the firebrands of SPW’s Tag Team Title scene for almost three years until Edison suffered a debilitating injury. Maverick would go on to solo success, often because of his virtues like justice, authenticity, and tenacity.


Dake Ken


Recognized by DOA fans as being the “standard bearer” of the promotion, Dake Ken has brought his hardcore style to several international promotions. Known for bone and spirit-crushing techniques, he blends brawling, aerial techniques, and hardcore violence that proves him one of the most dangerous men in professional wrestling. Despite his style, he is also known as a guy that never loses his cool under pressure.


Liberty Washington

Liberty Washington knew she would be an athlete at 5 years old. Already faster than the boys in her neighborhood, she was a fixture in the foot races that occupied the summers she spent with her grandmother. It wasn't until she was a freshman in high school that she realized being faster wasn't enough. She needed to be stronger as well. By her senior year she was fighting off scholarships from every NCAA school in the country. Already looking for the next challenge ahead, she forgoed school for 2 tours of duty with the USMC. It was here that she found the sport that she had been searching for her whole life. She began wrestling with the guys in her unit who grew up on the promotions that spanned the southern US and before she knew it, she was working out entire matches in her head. She was addicted. The week she got home she went to her grandmother's house, dug out the worn leather jacket that had kept the elder matron safe during the Freedom Rides years ago, and decided that as long as she could stand only one thing would reign supreme in the squared circle: Liberty



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