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Anyone else noticed how bad the refs r this year


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Last 2 gameplay vids taker he'll in a cell

Hbk vs aj


The refs act like they r blind or focused on something outside the ring

Only react to sound and move like jake Roberts when he was blinded by rick Martel


And oddly slide when get into possison for pin falls

Get in the way more than ever and jumping round like total crazy person, in hbk make when he puts on sharpshooter the reg miles away acting like a dog, asking Shawns feet if they wanna give up, or maybe he looking for his contact lenses


It seems very off putting to me

The old ref in wwe2k17 didn't move much and his head followed all the action, unlike this new ref moving all over the place jumping around and to my eyes is 100% a blind person if I'm to judge by all his movements

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The model look changed by omg watch the ref in them too match and try tell me it's not shocking

Last year the refs neck could move this year the ref has a locked neck he never turns head left or right


Guess 2K forgot to add movable neck bones to the referees this year


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Can't say the refs have ever really bothered me in a WWE game.


i can't remember which game it was (one of the SvRs) but the ref really pissed me off cos he constantly got in your way and ended up getting you DQ'd for accidentally hitting him.


I have only skipped the first SvR and '09, and from those I have, I don't remember a game where the ref had those issues.

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didn't they work on the referee this year


All I want is for them to fix guest referee match!


Having Laurenitis coming out to remove you if you hit the wrestler too many times was a bullshit limitation. Never happened in the old games and really don't know why they did this.

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