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Community Creations Caws Download Saves Import WWE 2K16

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Posted 07 September 2017 - 07:10 PM

Hello everyone. Just had a quick question. Hope some people still view this board lol. Anywho I got the game via games w gold a while back. Didn't play it much but I recently got back into it due to the new game hype. I quickly realized that CC and all online components of this title are shutdown. I believe the date I read this happened was May 31st. I play these titles almost exclusively to recreate old rosters like the Monday Night Wars era of both WWF and WCW. So needless to say CC was like my lifesblood. I was just wondering if there is absolutely anyway to get CAWs through download. I think formulas are still a thing but that was so tedious and unfun it made me want to leap off a bridge and pretend I had wings lol. Back before CC I remember renown CAW makers used to release saves of rosters. They got pretty extensive. Even down to complete rosters by year and company. Is this still even possible to do? Alas put a save on a flashdrive of a full roster of quality CAWs and then get it to work on my Xbox One. I have a save file now but it is pretty fresh so I wouldn't lose anything vital if I had to do an overwrite. Well thanks for reading everyone. Any help would be much appreciated. I should just go out and get 17 but the ol wallet is on life support at the moment. 17 will be the next servers to go I'm sure but even if I had a couple days to use it I would be set.

#2 KamenRangerW



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Posted 08 September 2017 - 12:36 AM

No you're shit out of luck dude. The games server was closed. You'll have to go to 2K17 or wait for 2K18.

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