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In Game/Move Pack DLC Wishlist

King Nova

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Fairly straightforward topic based off the title, and pardon if this is a topic made but i didnt see it on this section. What moves do you guys hope made the cut on disc for release? Likewise what would you all wanna see in the DLC pack?


Personally one of the moves I want to see the most this year is Mike Baileys Shooting Star Knee Drop hopefully in the dlc if there is one. Thing of beauty imo. As far as on disc moves id really love a good Bicycle Knee added in.

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Had to edit the first part of this. Just realized this topic was just moves only.

As far as moves I would like to see proper dragon and tiger suplexes with pin without the slow hand by hand hooking of the arms. Also as basic as it is, how about a proper running forearm to the corner. the current animation is pretty weak.

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Assuming all 2k17 moves are in;


Running legdrop (Hogan version)

Fade to Black (Assuming Aleister Black isn't in the game anyway)

Super Collider (Assuming AOP aren't in the game)

Shinsuke's running outside knee strike, and the apron knee strike.

Double team Slingblade.

Superkick Party

Meltzer Driver

Conchairto (maybe as OMG)

AJ's standing forearm splash in corner.

Corner post figure four.

Zoidberg Elbow drop.


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- Dean Ambrose's Suplex Release Slam

- Kevin Owen's Corner Avalanche Fisherman Buster

- John Cena's Double AA Roll-up Combo (Royal Rumble '17)

- Baron Corbin's Chokeslam Backbreaker

- Baron Corbin's Slide Out & In Clothesline

- Batista's Version of Spinebuster

- RVD's New Five Star Frog Splash with after roll-impact

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Heavy Machinery's Compactor
Heavy Machinery's Double Body Avalanche with chest bump taunt
Heavy Machinery's Boom Shaka Loom

Heavy Machinery's Double Compactor [OMG]

American Alpha`s Tech Fall (Steiner Bulldog) if the move somehow fails to make on-disc. [Long overdue tag team finisher that has never been in a WWE videogame because we have got both Steiners in a WWE videogame at the same time and Rick still has yet to make his WWE videogame debut.]

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-Billy Kidman style SSP

-Haas of Pain (as a BP sub or SS... wtf do they call the submissions now? XD

-I've been wanting a Lashley Dominator for ever, one where he lays out

-Yakuza Kick, I guess.the Kinshasa is close but I'd like a boot

-720 DDT

-Uranage, like a real one, not those "Slam"/ Rock Bottom variants

-A Shining Wizard closer to the Hakagure in the older games

-Add the seated and kneeling positions as Sig/finisher positions cause there were some nice animations from the Running categories. They were a little fast, but cool

-Backdrop Driver, some of the back suplexes work but..

-Sky High that.actually has the high lift and [quarter] turn like it's supposed to

-T-Bone with a sharper 'driver" landing, really dump them on their head

-Is.there a release Tiger Suplex?

-Dudley Dog, with a reversal animation that throws.the attacker over the ropes to ringside on occasion ^_^

-Double Spanish Fly

-Double Burning Hammer

-Double Chokeslam tag finisher

-OMG suicide dive European Uppercut. Does he do that? Just sounds cool to me

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Nice, I was just watching an All Japan vid wondering how those guys weren't dead after one match and wasn't sure if.I was confusing a Tiger release with a German in the game

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I mainly just want to see some moves for the legends. I trust 2K to do a fairly good job covering the contemporary wrestlers, but the (non-DLC) legends tend to be neglected.


Andre the Giant - his sloppy neck lock suplex (this was in the older games); standing two-handed choke

Booker T - chop combination against ropes (this was in the older games)

British Bulldog - proper running powerslam

Dusty Rhodes/Randy Savage/etc. - a single bionic elbow (there's a close strike that looks similar, but it's not the same)

Eddie Guerrero - corner sunset flip powerbomb; spinning crucifix neckbreaker

Hulk Hogan - a leg drop that looks like the one from his Comeback

Kevin Nash - corner knee lifts (this was in the older games)

Mick Foley - apron Cactus Elbow; kick & running knee lift

Randy Savage - running hotshot (this was in the older games); his distinct jab combination ending in a hook (his WCW/nWo Revenge front special)

Ricky Steamboat - "Dragon Special" from the older games; his falling ground chop from the older games

The Rock - pin combo Rock Bottom, reanimated People's Elbow, spinebuster without the dumb flex taunt

Shawn Michaels - pin combo Sweet Chin Music

Steve Austin - pin combo Stunner; reanimated running pointed elbow drop; middle rope pointed elbow drop

Ultimate Warrior - a regular leaping shoulder tackle where he lands flat

Vader - proper pin combo Vader Bomb with several rope bounces in the corner; reanimated Vader Hammers

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I had this list on my computer, so spoiler-tagged due to length


New Special Moves -- (SUB) - Submission // (LP) -- Lev. Pin // (RA) -- Re-Animated

Adam Rose – GC3 (SUB)

Adam Rose – The Slice
AJ Lee – Black Widow, to a grounded opponent (SUB)
AJ Lee – Springboard Hammerlock Takedown
AJ Styles – Hollow Point
AJ Styles – Springboard Pelé Kick
Aksana – Leg-Trapped Camel Clutch (SUB)

Alberto Del Rio – Rope-Hung Cross Armbreaker
Aleister Black – Black Mass I
Aleister Black – Black Mass II

Alicia Fox – Full-Nelson Camel Clutch (SUB)
Alicia Fox – Modified Surfboard Stretch (SUB)

Aliyah – Somersault Neckbreaker
Andrade Almas – Brillante Driver
Andrade Almas – Diving Moonsault Fake-Out into a Standing Moonsault

Angélico – Fall of the Angels
Angelina Love – Break-A-Bitch
Aron Rex – The Revelator

Asuka – Billiken, off of the apron
Asuka – Buzzaw Kick
Asuka – Empress Kick
Austin Aries – Apron Death Valley Driver
Austin Aries – Pendulum Elbow

Bayley – Modified Scissored Armbar (SUB)

Bayley – Rose Plant
Bayley – Spinning Elbow Strike, to a seated opponent
Bayley – Springboard Elbow Drop, to opponent in the tree of woe position
Becky Lynch – Springboard Side Kick
Berreta – Apron Guillotine Leg Drop

Big E – Big Splash, to opponent layed out on the apron
Big Show – Arm Wrench into a Fireman's Carry Slam
Bobby Roode – Glorious DDT
Bobby Roode – Roode Bomb

Braun Strowman – Reverse Chokeslam

Brian Kendrick – Captain’s Hook I (SUB)
Brian Kendrick – Captain’s Hook II (SUB)

Cameron – Split-Legged Kick
Carmella – Corner Shoulder Block, preceded by the “Staten Island Shuffle”
Cesaro – Bridging Fallaway Slam
Cesaro – Cranial Crank

Cesaro – Middle Rope Walk and Elbow Drop
Cesaro – Modified Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker
Cesaro – UFO

Charlotte Flair – Corkscrew Moonsault Plancha

Chris Sabin – Over Easy DDT
Christian – Springboard Sunset Flip Powerbomb
Christian – Tornado DDT, off the apron
Christina Von Eerie – Dead Rising
Christopher Daniels – BME (Best Moonsault Ever)

CJ Parker – Powerful Palm Strike

Cody Rhodes – Twisting Corner Sunset Flip Powerbomb

Dana Brooke – Handstand Elbow Drop
Daniel Bryan – Romero Special/Dragon Sleeper Combo (SUB)

Daniel Bryan – Tilt-A-Whirl Yes! Lock (SUB)

Daniel Bryan – Yes! Lock , to a grounded opponent (SUB)

Davey Richards – Wrist-Clutch Monkey Flip
Diamond Dallas Page – Shoulder Diamond Cutter

Dolph Ziggler – Guillotine Armbar (SUB)
Dolph Ziggler – Tilt-A-Whirl Sleeper Hold (SUB)
Drew Gulak – Gulak Attack
Drew Gulak – Southern Lights Suplex
Drew Gulak – Trailblazer (SUB)
Drew McIntyre – Claymore
Drew McIntyre – Inverted Alabama Slam (RA), without the rope assist

Eddie Edwards – Chin Checker

Ember Moon – Handspring Stinger Splash
Ember Moon – Standing Cross-Legged STF (SUB)
Ember Moon – Triangle Crossbody

Emma – Running Big Boot, to knelt-over opponent
Epico – Double-Underhook Gutbuster
Eric Young – Youngblood Neckbreaker
Eva Marie – Sliding Flatliner

Fandango – Rope-Aided Falcon Arrow

Gail Kim – Rolling Dodge Evasion followed by a Handstand Headscissors Takedown
Gail Kim –Top Rope Hangman's Neckbreaker
Hideo Itami – Corkscrew Roundhouse Kick

Hunico – Huncio Special (LP)
Ivelisse – Disdain
Jack Gallagher – Full Windsor Knot
Jack Gallagher – Hammerlock Crossface Chickenwing (SUB)
Jack Gallagher – Mary Poppins

Jamie Noble – Seated Dragon Sleeper with Bodyscissors (SUB)

Johnny Mundo – Backflip Mule Kick

Kalisto – Diving Middle-Rope Bulldog

Kalisto – Spanish Fly, off the Apron
Kalisto – Springboard Corkscrew Crossbody
Kassius Ohno – Hangman's Clutch I (SUB)
Kassius Ohno – Hangman's Clutch II (SUB)

Kelly Kelly – Acrobatic Arm Drag Takedown I
Kelly Kelly – Acrobatic Arm Drag Takedown II

Kenny Omega – Rain-Trigger

Kofi Kingston – Pop-Up Stomp
Kofi Kingston – Trust-Fall Plancha

Kota Ibushi – Golden Triangle Moonsault
Lana – Hammerlock Sit-Out Spinebuster
Lana – Lana Kick
Lana – Short-Arm Roundhouse Kick
Layla – Hip Bump
Lince Dorado – Running Flip DDT

Liv Morgan – Rolling Guillotine Choke (SUB)
Low Ki – Koppu Kick

Low Ki – Overhead Kick

Mandy Rose – Bicycle Knee

Mark Andrews – Stomp 182
Mark Andrews – Stundog Millionaire
Mark Henry – Junkyard Dog Headbutts
Mark Henry – Top Rope Inverted Scoop Slam
Matt Sydal – Cannonball Leg Drop

Matt Sydal – The Slice

Melina – Dragon Sleeper/Octopus Hold Combo (SUB)
Melina – Extreme Makeover
Melina – Rope-Aided Overhead Kick
Melina – Runing Split Kick

Mike Quackenbush – Chikara Special (SUB)
Moose – Go To Hell
Mustafa Ali – Rolling Thunder Neckbreaker
Mustafa Ali – Springboard Spanish Fly
Naomi – Apron Roundhouse Kick
Naomi – Dancing Leg Drop

Naomi – Inverted DDT Elbow Drop
Naomi – Multiple Rapid Fire Kicks
Naomi – Rope-Aided Enzugiri
Naomi – Rope-Aided Twist of Fate

Naomi – Turnbuckle Bulldog
Natalya – Snapmare followed by a Step-Up and then by a Low Dropkick
Nikki Bella -- Apron Alabama Slam
Nikki Bella – Fearless Lock (SUB)
Nikki Bella – Rope-Aided Flip Dropkick
Nikki Cross -- Apron Inverted DDT

No Way Jose – Fastball Punch
ODB – Dirty Dozen
Peyton Royce – Reverse Roundhouse Kick, through the ropes
Peyton Royce – Widow's Peak

Rey Mysterio – 619, with a Frog Splash Combo

Rey Mysterio -- Under-The-Ropes Sliding Body Splash
Rich Swann – Backflip Nika Kick
Rich Swann – Chicken Fried Driver
Rich Swann – Fantastic Voyage
Rich Swann – Leap From Swann's Pond
Rich Swann – Rich Kick
Rich Swann – Somersault Fame-Asser
Rich Swann – Standing 450º Splash
Rob Terry – Freakbuster
Roderick Strong – Avalanche Buckle Backbreaker
Roderick Strong – CX '02
Roderick Strong – CX '03
Roderick Strong – Gibson Driver
Roderick Strong – Inverted Cloverleaf (SUB)
Roderick Strong – Strong Hold (SUB)
Rockstar Spud – Underdog
Roman Reigns – One-Arm Deadlift Sit-Out Powerbomb
Rosa Mendes – Lou Thesz Press, followed by Headbangs
Ruby Riot – Arm-Grab Enzuigiri
Ruby Riot – Deadly Night Shade
Ruby Riot – Heidi Ho!
Ruby Riot – Multiple Corner Boots
Ruby Riot – Rebound Tornado DDT
Ruby Riot – Stage Dive
Rusev – Wrenching Accolade (SUB)
Sabu – Slingshot Somersault Leg Drop
Sami Zayn – Double Pumphandle Orange Crush Bomb
Sami Zayn – Overflow Arm Drag
Sami Zayn – Split-Legged Asai Moonsault
Samoa Joe – Island Driver
Samuel Shaw – Kata Gatame (SUB)
Santana Garrett – Rope-Aided Handspring Moonsault
Sasha Banks – Running Slap, to a seated opponent
Sasha Banks – Schoolgirl Roll-Up, into the bottom turnbuckle
Sasha Banks – Straight-Jacket Backbreaker into a Straight-Jacket Choke (SUB)
Scott Steiner – Standing Moonsault Slam
Seth Rollins – Kingslayer
Seth Rollins – Paroxysm
Seth Rollins – Rope-Grab Counter Enzugiri
Shawn Michaels – Teardrop Suplex (TR)
Shinsuke Nakamura – Shining Triangle (SUB)
Sienna – The Silencer
Silas Young – Pee Gee Waja Plunge
Summer Rae – Guillotine DDT, followed by headbangs
Summer Rae – Lotus Lock, without the Full Nelson Bomb (SUB)
Summer Rae – Taunting Facebuster
Summer Rae – Yoga Stretch Rope Choke, followed by an Apron Hip Bump
Tigre Uno – Cradle Spike DDT

TJ Perkins – 520º Springboard Tornado DDT
TJ Perkins – Inside-Out Dropkick

Tye Dillinger – Tye Breaker II
Tyler Bate – Tyler Driver '97
Tyler Breeze – Cheeky Nandos Superkick
Tyson Kidd – Diving Somersault Guillotine Leg Drop
Tyson Kidd – Slingshot Pin

Zack Sabre, Jr. – Double-Arm Legscissors (SUB)
Zack Sabre, Jr. – European Clutch (LP)
Zack Sabre, Jr. – Hurrah! Another Year... (SUB)
Zack Sabre, Jr. – Jim Breaks Armbar (SUB)
Zack Sabre, Jr. – Penalty Kick
Zack Sabre, Jr. – Young Boy Killer (SUB)



Tag Team Moves:


American Alpha – Tech Fall
The Authors of Pain – Last Chapter
The Authors of Pain – Sidewalk Slam & Big Boot
The Authors of Pain – Super Collider
Beer Money – DWI
Breezango – Super Model Kick followed by a Falcon Arrow
Cesaro & Sheamus – Double Crucifix Powerbomb
DECAY – Chokeslam onto opponent
DECAY – Powerbomb onto opponent
The Golden Truth – Truth Bomb
The Iconic Duo – Aided Knee Facebuster
The Iconic Duo – Lifting Full Nelson & Running Knee Strike
The Lucha Dragons – Salida del Sol & Falling Star
Matt Sydal & Chris Sabin – Powerbomb & Meterora
Motor City Machine Guns – Made In Detroit

RPG Vice – Strong Zero
SAnitY – Vertical Suplex & Front Powerslam
The Shining Stars – The Shining Star
The Spirit Squad – High Spirits

The Usos – Aided Stomp to Back of the Knee
The Usos – Tequila Sunrise & Samoan Splash
The Vaudevillians – Powerbomb & Neckbreaker

The Wyatt Family – Corner Splash & Discus Clothesline
The Wyatt Family – Superkick & Full Nelson Slam
The Wyatt Family – Superkick & Sister Abigail



EDIT: I don't know why some of the links aren't working

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Karie Sane elbow drop

AJ Styles Fosbury Flop

A couple new signature apron moves

Tag team plancha manueveurs


Was the Fosbury flop the one he did in TNA where he ran to the rope, vaulted over with a somersault onto his opponent outside?

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Wow, the Jumping Party Foul was a move I'd only imagined before today. I completely missed Adam Rose's run. When the Snapmare Driver made it in, I was happy enough with that, but that Party Foul is what I'd rather have

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By the way, one of the youtubers at the event confirmed Seth's "Rainmaker knee strike". However I believe he said it's called the "Windup knee strike".

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