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(Create-an-arena) Various textures/aprons request

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Hello!, I'm a new user at this forum and I recently returned to play WWE games again with the 2K17 title (being the WWE '12 the last one I played about 5 years ago).

It's been a long time since then and I just noticed that a lot has change. My favorite feature is the WWE Universe Mode and I want to create some Raw/SmackDown arenas by my own, but first I was wondering if somebody has ripped/downloaded the textures featured in the aprons of modern day arenas, most specifically the following ones:

  • WWE Network (red, blue and gray variations)
  • SmackDown '14-'16 apron (pre-Draft)
  • Raw '14-'16 apron (pre-Draft)
  • NXT apron (white variation used at TakeOver specials)
I'll give you an example of the Raw apron I'm looking for, I've found this image recently on the Internet but it's a very small size and it will look so pixelated,right on the following link:

In case you don't, is there a website on the Internet where I can download them?, I really suck at replicating designs and even more at modding the files inside a game.

Anyways, thank you for reading my post, I'll really appreciate if someone could answer ASAP 'cause I don't want to wait to play with my new arenas.

Thanks everyone!.

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Have you tried a Google image search?


Failing that, there is a request thread on the board, so try searching there to see if anything you want has already been requested.

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