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Caws uploaded to CC PS3

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Since this is a dead forum I will post some caws. I'm not going to post pictures, as I can't, but you can check them in CC (PS3).


PS3 ID: Outer_Heaven_KAI (add me if you want)


I can't upload more than 5 CAWs, so I'm actually uploading and deleting them after a few days when they don't reach more downloads. So if you like one of my creations download quickly or you will lose them.


Most of them have 4 attires, all includes a perfect moveset and an entrance.


List of Caws on CC PS3, search by their names:


- Doink The Clown (Original Matt Borne)

- Nikki Bella (2014-15)

- Rhyno (NXT)

- Shotzi Blackheart (Indy Wrestler)


Non Wrestling CAWs:


- "The Dragon" Bruce Lee




Some CAWs that I have posted before:


- Doink The Clown (Face WWF 90's)

- "Girl Dynamite" Jennifer Blake (Heel)

- R. Mika (Street Fighter)


I will be editing this topic...

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