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WWE Network Discussion Thread

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The two WM37 24 specials were great. I liked the night two special better, despite remembering I liked night one better as a show.

It's weird how they go about showing some released superstars. They showed Braun yeeting Shane but then nothing about the Fiend besides for a split second where you couldn't really see him. You could argue it's cause Bray could be heading to AEW, but then they talked to Bryan for a bit. I guess you couldn't ignore the main event of the whole thing plus how crazy it is that all three guys came back.

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Eh, as European i dont have the same connection to this as people in the US so it doesnt really has the same effect to me.
But i can see this being something for the American audience.

For me, its rather shallow to be honest, since people still act like this was the worst thing that ever happened to america.
Slavery, stealing the country from the natives, dropping a atomic bomb on a country...or the fact that in the last 20 years more americans got shot and killed by americans than died at 9/11...those are things i as European find more interesting to talk about.

But i get the impact behind 9/11 and what it did to America and his people.

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After last night's premiere, they just added another 4 episodes of Ruthless Aggression up today. Yet the Luger doc we were supposed to get on Fourth of July is never seeing the light of day for some reason lmao

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