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WWE Network Discussion Thread

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I'm currently watch The Best of The Nexus, can't believe it's already been 10 years since their debut. It's a shame what could've been, but there's no denying that The Nexus laid the foundation for the likes of The Shield, Undisputed ERA, and helped shaped NXT to what it is today.

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Last Ride


😂 at Prichard talking about the books his bought for Taker’s character. 

Wish Paul Bearer was still here 😔

BTS footage>

Nice to hear the story around Starrcast 

Batista got the same views on Taker that I’ve had over the years 😔

Charlotte in the ring while he was running the ropes 👀👀👀.... I mean 🙄

Taker getting at Mojo’s paint or whatever 😆 and Seth passing by soon after all awkwardly 

That tag match at Extreme Rules with Roman was indeed redemption after those Goldberg and DX matches 

Him and AJ walking at the end and him telling the camera crew to wait a sec 👀

the 21st is the last ep

Edited by Ziggy Vercetti

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After seeing all 5 chapters of The Last Ride I just have no words. What an emotional and just....*Censored*. Taker is the ultimate legend. Just I cried so many times and I’m so happy also. 

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The sheer amount of respect, and gratitude and etc is never gonna be enough to give Taker. The man deserves whatever the hell he wants. And I’m just emotional af. His loyalty, the deeper story of the Boneyard match ripped me to the shreds. Won’t give it away. 

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