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I'm so bored of Nia pretending that she is different than everybody. There are tons of heavy women in the world, shut up.


Honestly I think they missed a trick with her, while her size makes her a good heel, it's just not her - backstage she comes across as just being nice and happy go lucky. She could have been a good babyface, had they have introduced her when she was ready - rather than green as grass and having squash matches.

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Would have been interesting if she was always made into a fat albert inspired chatacter called Nia Jax than the stereotypical wrestling monster

It wouldnt

Let me rephrase since it apparently wasn't clear enough. IMO, something like that would have been more interesting to ME.


Not specifically fat albert based but I meant mostly a happy and positive face. Not over the top or like Bayley but just not a serious monster

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Immediately following next Sundays Elimination Chamber the Mark Henry Story will be airing on the WWE Network. The new special will document the life and career of the Worlds Strongest Man who was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame last year. Below is a description of the documentary.


Witness an incredible tale of strength, passion and the will to succeed in this revealing documentary about WWE Hall of Famer, Mark Henry!

Henrys last WWE appearance was at the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia in April. He is now in an ambassador role for WWE, and is a former World Heavyweight champion.

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WWE Confidential added to the Network. This was my shit back in the day on Spike TV. :D


Was that the one where they had backstage stuff like games between superstars as well as reviewing classic moments?


To be honest the only thing I'm sure I remember about Confidential, was that cool eye animation. Oh and of course Mene Gene.

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The WWE Chronicle series will return to the WWE Network on Monday after RAW goes off the air. There will be a thirty-minute special that focuses on the return of Roman Reigns.

The WWE Untold series will also premiere on the WWE Network this coming Monday. The series will begin with an episode on WWE’s ECW brand, featuring Paul Heyman, Shane McMahon, Tommy Dreamer and others.

Finally, the second season of WWE Photo Shoot will premiere on the WWE Network after WWE Fastlane goes off the air. The season two premiere will feature AJ Styles.

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