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JC2KUniverse's Showcase

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(Disclaimer: MOST, but not all, of the wrestlers and arenas in these videos are my own creations.)


What's going on guys? My handle on PS4 is Jayma_LaAkademia. I've been working on a few CAWs, arenas, and championships kind of on the down-low, but seeing so many great creations on here made me want to showcase some of my own. So I'll get right to it. The way my universe is set up is as follows:


One global company called World Wide Wrestling (similar to WWE) which emphasizes true global competition. You have competitors from all over the world competing for championship gold. WWW's main show is called Tuesday Night Titans. The promotions championships are the WWW World Heavyweight (main), the WWW All-Star (mid-card), WWW Tag Team, and WWW Diamond (women's) championships.


Below is a video of a first round match in a tournament to determine a #1 contender for the WWW World Heavyweight championship. (Note: Akane Yamashita is an original creation. Kan-Ra I downloaded, but I drastically changed everything about the character except his face.)



Next is a Tag Team Championship match between The Wolfpack and Money Inc (Only the arena and championships are my creations. I downloaded and then altered both members of the Wolfpack's attire.)



Now, the other half of my universe is a brand called Universal Pro Wrestling, which is a network in the same way NWA was in the 80's. (Note: I downloaded the UPW logo) Under UPW's umbrella are various regional promotions with its own stars and championships, and occasionally there are talent exchanges and joint PPVs. The regional championships are all secondary titles and the UPW Heavyweight title is the main championship. The number one contender for the UPW championship is determined either in a Royal Rumble match or by winning one of the 3 major yearly tournaments. The promotions that make up UPW are:


Federacion Mundial de Lucha Libre (FMLL)

This brand is made up of wrestlers from all over Latin America. Their weekly show is called "Lucha Future". Below is a #1 contender's 6-man battle royal. (The arena and all the wrestlers, excluding Arik Acosta, are mine. I altered Arik Acosta's attire.)



Super Japan Pro Wrestling

This brand is based in Japan and its roster is made up of mostly Japanese wrestlers, but also various wrestlers from other parts of Asia and Europe. Below is a CPU vs CPU simulation match between Luthor Wayne and Hosokai. Both are original creations. Luther Wayne is heavily influenced by Michael Elgin. Hosokai is a dark vigilante similar to Sting in the 90's.



All-Star Pro Wrestling/Great North Wrestling/Ring of Valor

These 3 promotions have the exact same rosters. APW is based out of the USA, GNW is based in Canada, and ROV is based out of Europe but is a hardcore promotion.


If you like what you see, my hashtag is JC2KUNIVERSE

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Good looking characters. Good looking arena. I'm diggin' it.


Thanks dude! Much respect! Definitely a fan of your work.

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What's up dude? Those 2 were on my SJPW pack, but I literally just uploaded my WWW pack. 10 superstars, 10 arenas, and all my championships from my World Wide Wrestling league.


Check that pack out and see what you like. LMK when you do and I'll take 2 down and upload Hosokai and Luthor Wayne for you.

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