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Drew McIntyre/Galloway

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First off base for this set comes from AgeofSandow with optional moves posted at bottom of set and one move from wikipedia called ego trip. but enjoy otherwise



Drew McIntyre/Galloway
Ring-In/Out-Normal Ring In 1-Quick Ring Out
Apron Ring-In/Out-Normal Ring In 2-Normal Ring Out 3
Apron Ringside-In/Out-Normal Apron Climb 1-Normal Apron Dismount 2
Taunts-Konnor 2-Jack Swagger 3-Kevin Owens 4-Beast 1
Strike Attacks-Backhand Chop 4-Head Punch 1-Orton Punch 1-Orton Kick-Slap 1
Strike Combination-Backhand Chop 4-Orton Punch 2-Backhand Chop 3-Triple H Punch 5
Strong Strikes-Big Boot 13-Head Block
Kick Reversal-Leg Caught Clothesline 2-Leg Caught Dragon Screw-Sharpshooter 1-Shove Back
Front Facelock-Knee Strike 1-Arm Trapped Crossface 2(Iron Maiden)-Back Side Slam 2-Scoop Slam 8-Snap Suplex 1/2-Gorilla Press Slam-Backbreaker 6-Short Arm Clothesline 1/2
Side Headlock-Knee To Head-Bearhug-Biel Throw-Overhead Belly To Belly 2-Suplex 1/8-Flatliner 1/2(Scot Drop)-Snap Suplex 2/Gutbuster 1/2
Wrist Lock-Arm Wrench-Abdominal Stretch 1/2-Clubbing Back Strike-Inverted Atomic Drop Combo-Knife Edge Chop 6-Northern Lights Suplex-Knee Lift 1
Waist Lock-Elbow Smash-Buzzkiller-German Suplex 4-Pumphandle Suplex 2-Saito Suplex-Russian Leg Sweep 1-Back Suplex 11-Russian Leg Sweep 1
Facelock (limb target)-European Uppercut 3-Kneeling Armbar Takedown-Arm Wrench Kick & Punch-Dragon Screw-European Uppercut 4-Shoulder Breaker 2-Dragon Screw
Side Headlock (limb target)-Hangman's Neckbreaker 5-Armlock Scoop Slam-Jumping Armbreaker-Leg Sweep Kneecrusher
Wrist Lock (limb target)-Enzu Lariat 1-Wrist Clutch & Elbow-Hammerlock Back Suplex-Leg Pick & Knee Drop
Waist Lock (limb target)-Short Arm Clothesline 1/2-Butterfly Lock 1-Headbutt To Shoulder-Chop Block 4
Front Stun Grapple-Sit Out Powerbomb 3-East River Crossing-Sky High-Jacknife-Suplex Toss
Stun Grapple From Behind-Wheelbarrow Facebuster 1-Inverted Suplex 2-Back Suplex 10-Scorpion Death Drop-Rear Chest Strike
Stun Grapple (limb target)-Sit Out Tombstone Piledriver-Shoulder Breaker 1-Double Knee Armbreaker-Dragon Screw-European Uppercut 4-Wrist Clutch & Elbow-Dragon Screw
Breaking Point Submission-Armbar 3-Crossface Chickenwing
Leverage Pin-School Boy 2
Strike Attacks-Angry Stomp-Wrestling Hero Stomp
Grapples (face up)-Face Stomp 1-Mounted Punches 1/Stomps To The Hand-Belly Stomp
Grapples (face down)-Knee Smash 3-Stomp To Arm-Knee Stomp 3
Limb Target-Ground Punch 1-Arm Stomp-Leg Stomp
Breaking Point Submission-Colossal Clutch-Arm Trapped Crossface(Iron Maiden)-Sharpshooter 4
Corner Stunned-Knife Edge Chop-Forearm Smash-Jumping Body Splash 3-Clothesline-Stomping-Running Knee Strike
Top Rope-Knife Edge Chop-Big Boot
Tree of Woe-Kick To Gut-Dropkick
Grapple Moves-Buckle Bomb-Corner Biel Toss-Mudhole Stomps 2
Grapple From Behind-Toss Into Ring Post-Rebound Suplex-Toss Into Ring Post
Top Rope Grapple-Superplex 2-Avalanche Arm Drag-Avalanche Arm Drag
Top Rope Grapple Behind-Spider Suplex-Back Superplex 1-Neckbreaker
Seated Corner Grapple-Alley Oop 2
Tree of Woe Grapple-Foot Choke
Running Top Rope Grapple-Belly To Belly
Stunned Against Ropes-Inverted Alabama Slam-Psych Out Rebound Lariat
Stunned Against Middle Rope-Rope Choke 2
Outside Springboard Attacks-Slingshot Crossbody 3
Out of Ring Dive Attack (run)-Somersault Plancha
Strike Attacks-Right Jab-Kick To Ringside
Grapple-Slingshot Neckbreaker-Hotshot 1-Apron Back Suplex-Hotshot 2-Shoulder Block-Pull Down-Pull Down
Ground-Stomp-Elbow Attack
Running on Apron-Clothesline-Running Elbow Strike
Vs. Standing Opp.-Diving Brain Chop 2-Diving Clothesline 3
Vs. Downed Opp.-Diving Elbow Drop 1-Diving Leg Drop 4
Strike-Big Boot 5-Clothesline 7
Grapple (front)-Neckbreaker 8-Overhead Belly To Belly 1-DDT 10
Grapple (rear)-Jumping Neckbreaker-German Suplex 1-Jumping Neckbreaker
Ground -Double Axe Handle
Irish Whip Rebound-Big Boot 2-Belly To Belly Suplex-Powerslam 6-Arm Trap Neckbreaker 2-Drop Down
Pull-Back Attacks-Elbow-Backbreaker 1-Neckbreaker
Front Facelock-Knife Edge Chop-Double DDT-Double Russian Leg Sweep-Double Suplex
Corner -Pinioning Body Blow-Low Kick-Double Back Body Drop 1-Double Corner Whip
Wake-Up Taunt-Undertaker 3
Signatures-White Noise 2-Sit Out Pendulum Facebuster(Ego Trip)
Finishers-Rocket Kick 2(Claymore)-Butterfly DDT 2
Alternate Finisher-Butterfly DDT 2
Royal Rumble Quick Grapple-Elbow Smash-Toe Kick-Backhand Chop-Knee Lift
Royal Rumble Finishers-Military Press Drop-Powerbomb-Player's Boot-Clothesline
Ladder Strike Attack-Head Strike-Powerful Punch
Ladder Grapple-Ladder Smash 1-Shove 2-Dropkick
Ladder Finisher-White Noise-Suplex
Cell-Pushing Down-Powerbomb
ABILITIES-Hammer Throw-Resiliency-Outside Dive-Leverage Pin-Comeback
Here's the notes to go with the video. I just pasted the moves that are in the game, to make it easy for you. Put the essential moves in first, because they're from his last indy run. All the names are the ingame ones, with the exception of arm wrench and side jheadlock punch:
Essential: knife edge chop 6,northern lights suplex 1, knee lift(think it's Undertaker Knee Strike on lastgen), fury punch, ,side headlock takedown, inverted atomic drop combo
Moves(other): arm wringer flip 2(either), hangman’s neckbreaker 5, gutbuster,single knee gutbuster, gorilla press slam ,short arm clothesline 1,gutbuster 1,pendulum backbreaker,flapjack 1, single arm back body drop, enzu lariat,scoop slam 6, rib breaker(Backbreaker 2 or 6), short arm clothesline 2, jawbreaker, sto,kneeling armbar takedown, ,armlock scoop slam,bearhug, abdominal stretch 1,flat liner 1 or 2, suplex 8,shoulderbreaker 1
Arm Wrench, eye rake 1 or 2(optional; heel move),side headlock punch
Placement suggestions:
For Taunts, use Konnor 2, Jack Swagger 3, Kevin Owens 4 and Beast 1. Those are his most common ones.
Put Suplex Toss as a strong grapple. He uses it in every match, so it's good to have in that spot.


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