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Moves that should be in WWE2K18

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Tell him to reanalyse the fluency of corner moves. Since update, the corner of the ring is a little "off" can get stuck until other wrestler moves you, doesn't connect etc. Reason bringing this up, a few turnbuckle "comeback" moves.. Like Ricochets into turnbuckle, jumps over rope, springboard enZiguri etc. Can do it manually, but since update isn't "fluent" enough.


Saying that some great detail in all pages.

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I would be happy with

AJ Styles hollow point

AJ Styles hollow point to Styles clash

Kenny Omega V-Trigger

New Shining Wizard for Asuka

Okada Jumping Spinning Tombstone

Seth Rollins Kingslayer Knee

Pete Dunne's Bitter End

Pete Dunne's X-Plex

Fireman carry to European Uppercut

Will Ospreay Rainham Maker

Will Ospreay Oscutter as a finisher

Brian Kendrick Bully Choke/Captains Hook

F-5 into ringpost OMG moment

oppenent head tucked under top turnbuckle superkick

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