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Indy arenas in my Universe: Indy (3XW) version of No Way Out, Practically Progress PPV, FCW, Progresslemania

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Always loved the Progress tongue-in-cheek PPV's so I created for my Indy Universe a Progress Promotion and here is the year-end "PROGRESSLEMANIA, the Ultimate Thrill Ride" show and arena!


Uploaded to CC as a show, but I believe the arena shows up separately under arenas. I knocked out from Progress shows the PPV logo and Promotion logos, but credit goes to Cruel_Britannia for the mat logo.


Tags: 1) Wrestlemania UK Indy

2) Progress London England

3) CajunRaz caws.ws


btw, I have a show This is Progress as the main weekly show, with WCPW Loaded as second show which is why the WCPW belt is being defended . . .




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Are you uploading these as shows? Just asking


Yes, the Progresslemanian arena was uploaded as the Progresslemania show and the FCW arena was uploaded as FCW Heatwave. But the way they've set up CC, the individual arenas are also available for download.




Here's another Progress arena (not uploaded yet) - edit- uploaded as show now- for a PPV Event, based on the show "Practically Progress in Everyway"





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