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What music are you into?

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If you're a hip hop fan and not listening to Run The Jewels you're missing out.

And who is that by? Sorry i only listen to retro hip hop

That's the name of the artists. Killer Mike and El-P make up RTJ, They're not exactly new artists either, they've both been around the block awhile. They have three albums (Run The Jewels 1, 2 & 3.)


I wouldn't say I'm a big follower of hip hop, I mostly listen to retro stuff, but RTJ are really damn good.

I've listened to some new rap, but mostly just 80s and 90s. Sad to think we went from guys like Big L, Nas, and Biggie Smalls to Fetty Wap and Trinidad James.

Yeah sad to think we went from Vanilla Ice to Kendrick Lamar. These young artists are just not the same!

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I've only heard their " Dance with the Devil " song... it was pretty great, so maybe I should look for more of their stuff.

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Decided to go through the artists and bands I listen to (not that many), and total up the different genres of music.



Post Grunge 13

Alternative Metal 12

Hard Rock 12

Alternative Rock 8

Nu Metal 8

Christian Metal 2

Christian Rock 2

Heavy Metal 2

Acoustic Rock

Art Rock



Pop Rock

Progressive Metal

Punk Rock


Spoken Word

Symphonic Metal


I basically went by the artist/band first, then looked at the albums I've actually listened to, which added a couple more genres to the list.

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