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Goldberg smackdown sym

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Hi guys since Goldberg not in sym it time to put Goldberg into sym so let begin 6nqsrm.jpg Appearance underwear 6 colour stay black hair no gloves 1 color 33 -100 shade 53 colour not mono elbow pads 2 black face mustache 1 dark brown arms pattern 74 put it small help pic colour black 12 pattern 166 colour transparency 100 to opacity shade -100 and put it in underwear and keep doing it next to the first one sides back profile name Goldberg ring name Goldberg nick name any Goldberg nick names you want I go for bill biography gender man classification heavy weight face/heel any you want I go for super heel call name gold crowd signs sign1 power sign2 time ability powerful pow up same as down moves any you want except superstars logic logic 1 any you want I go for brawler logic 2 grappler

I making a next one call Goldberg moves today

Watch out for my next one this will be made today

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