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Daizee Haze

last video game you played(any system)

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Marvel Heroes Omega (PS4)

*censored*ing love that game! I play DC Universe Online and Marvel Heroes Omega the most besides WWE games.


I got it for XBO though

Did you have to money on in-game purchases on Omega? I just started and I'm maining Scarlet Witch rn, do you do the side missions a lot or just stick to story chapters?

The game gave me 750 eternal splinters when I first started. I bought Hulk with that, Daredevil is a free download and tried out other characters for free until level 10 and then collected 200 eternal splinters in my own to get Nova


I bought 500 G's($5.00)and got Nightcrawler for free with some benefits. My main guys are Hulk and Nova.


I mostly play through the story and later go back to do the side missions and do patrol.

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