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PC Rhuanico99 caws (Ryback / Jinder Mahal / DIY /Jeff Hardy / Wrestlemania 33 arena & attires)


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I will probably get it too, just not day one, OR I will get it, play it a little, and then get a refund and then wait for it to drop in price inevitably in a few weeks.

I will get it on day one because I want to start making caws right away.

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Ryback has been uploaded. #RHUANICO99 on CC to find it! More screenshots on the first page of this topic.




This was my last caw on WWE 2K17. I'm really sorry that I couldn't finish all of the requests but I was counting on this year's game only releasing in February or something like that which would have given me enough time.

Thanks for all the support that I got on my creations and I hope everyone enjoyed playing with them! Thanks for getting me to platinum on CC which is really hard on PC because a lot of players just use mods. I hope I'll get the same support for 2K18 and wish u all the best! default_smile.gif

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