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No Xbox port is lame

Time to get a PlayStation 4 and stop being lame :D


Is that even really necessary though? Like look at the system requirements on Steam. Basically if you own a computer made in the last ten years you can run it. I haven't seen system requirements that low since like PS2 era stuff.

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2K does the create modes better because of the amazing graphics and the fact that the games are brand new. For anyone who may not know, it's important to keep in mind that Fire Pro Wrestling Returns was released in 2005. In 2005, the game had a ring customization, ref customization, and even a primitive logo creator in edition to custom wrestlers. Also, the CPU logic features shit all over the 2K series's AI. Imagine what they could do 12 years later! I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but if a new Fire Pro is half as innovative as FPR was back then, it's going to be an incredible game.



Yeah...and I said that FP was special for its time.


Just saying...the game doesn't seem all that special now, because the modern WWE games offer the same stuff they did back then (and better). That was my main point. You can't just follow the classic FP formula now and expect an amazing game...because WWE2K already has all of those customization elements. What innovation would they add that would allow them to surpass what 2K offers? Better weapons and more arena options...that's all that I've got. Maybe music customization with some sort of built-in sound editor. Like Mario Paint...but with online capabilities, for downloading and sharing.



You can argue that 2K offers better customization.. but the more realistic they're getting the in-game wrestlers to look, the more out of place the CAWs look. The good thing about Fire Pro is because the graphics are so limited, your created wrestlers look 100% legit.


And yeah, for younger fans, it's probably too outdated looking for them to get into. But for those of us who grew up with 8-bit and 16-bit systems, there's a certain nostalgic charm to Fire Pro. If they add something like Community Creations, where we can download wrestler edits and logos and stuff, that would be incredible. And since it's PlayStation only, they might be able to let us do custom music the way MLB the Show allows it, since they don't have to make a matching XBox port like WWE 2K does.


As for the gameplay, yes it is harder than WWE 2K for first time users. But once you get the hang of it, it's not bad at all. I actually like it better than WWE 2K. For reference, my favorite gameplay in wrestling games ever is the N64 AKI games (No Mercy, WCW Revenge, etc.) But I do like Fire Pro better than the current 2K game engine. But as others have said, for many, they don't even bother playing the matches. They just have a lot of fun customizing everything and then watching simulated matches.


I don't know how much better it will be than Fire Pro Returns. I'd like to see things like being able to download wrestlers and being able to use custom music added into the game. But even if all that's not included, it still won't be any worse than Fire Pro Returns. And that's still pretty damn good if you can get past the 2D graphics.

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You can argue that 2K offers better customization.. but the more realistic they're getting the in-game wrestlers to look, the more out of place the CAWs look.


Not always the case in 2K17, so I respectfully disagree with this comment.

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FP has a referee leniency setting, doesn't it? Like, some refs are stricter than others when it comes to rule enforcement and count pinfalls slower than others?


Yes, you can do all of that. You can also control how quickly they move around and how long they stay down when there's a ref bump.

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Screenshots aside, it looks like Returns with shinier sprites.


I appreciate FP for what it is. For those dedicated enough.to use all of.its tools to their advantage, this is perfect. I was never willing to take the time to go in and tweak logic, so I doubt I'll be doing the same here.


Coincidentally I broke down and got a PS4 yesterday, a decision I was on the fence about for awhile and as of the last week and a half leaning towards No. Perhaps as time goes on there may be a feature that'll change my mind about wanting this. I'll keep an eye out


However, a plus of a game being developed in this day and age may lead to the ability to share edits over the servers which would dramatically increase my interest. The days of printing out txt files and downloading hacked files from the PS2 era may be over

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Well, I'm really not a PC guy myself...but, yeah. This is exactly the kind of thing that I would just go PC anyway.


It's so "basic" in terms of graphics and requirements...and the controls for FPW Returns were pretty terrible, tbh. Would be nice to have button mapping options, custom music, mods from character skins to weapons...and everything in-between...

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Here's what's been confirmed so far:

  • Online play
  • HD sprites
  • Game will come with 30 original wrestlers
  • 100s of new moves released through updates
  • New arenas
  • New wrestler edit features (new parts, faces and hair are now separate, color wheels, more layers)
  • 4 attires per edit


Not yet confirmed but probably true:

  • Steam workshop support
  • Online simming/spectator modes
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Know it's a stretch...but the game should cost like $19.99. Not sure if I'd be willing to pay more than that. $30 would probably be the absolute most I'd pay. I'm sure it's the same as FPWR for the most part...so it really shouldn't have an outrageous price point.

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