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Fire Pro Wrestling World


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Fire Promoter DLC - $7.99  sale, EZ purchase

NJPW 2018 Wrestler Pack DLC - $3.99 sale, EZ purchase

Stardom Collabora DLC - $11.99 sale, EZ purchase

Entrance Craft DLC - $13.99 sale, EZ purchase

Still undecided as to whether or not I wanna nab this NJPW 2017 Junior Heavyweight "Fighting Road" DLC that's on sale for $5.99 until May 8th... honestly might, just for the hell of it.

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From what i've heard, there just isn't enough to Fire Promoter to be worth buying. Ridiculous silly restrictions, from what i've been told. A lot of the DLC seems super over expensive when not on sale, actually.

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Wow, i had to look for the thread a bit.
Is there a reason why this doesnt have its own section?
I assume because not many people talk about the game right?

The game seems in a weird middle ground with people being so split on it.

Anyway, i quite enjoy watching the CPU fight against each other.
So i decided to fill the roster up...and boy is that a mess.

Alone the search function of the site is almost too basic, makes it hard to search stuff.
However, if you look for something or someone, there is a 99% chance it exists...the move etc editor is so cool and gives the people a lot to do.
I tried it but i suck at it.

Anyway, its super cool to see how creative people are.
But oh my god, not only do you need to download the wrestlers, if they use something like custom logo or so...you have to manually download that too.
Which is quite annoying when one has 30 items or so.
That is bonkers.
You get a list of items you need to download, but you can mark them all at once or they arent automaticly downloaded with the wrestler.
Super unneccessary complicated and takes a lot of time.

I think i have around 400 or so wrestlers so far, and if you have to get the items like the hair and tattoos and logos too...its really not as much fun.
Imagine downloading a caw in 2k and then having to download each texture manually.
It keeps me busy for a few weeks, but its so unneccessary and im worried i run out of space when many of those 400 wrestlers have 10+ items.
We will see.

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