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Lil' Kazu

Last match you watched

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22 hours ago, LEGION said:

Any of the past 8 BOLA tournaments and All Star Weekends are definitely worth it.

Or any of the final shows of the likes of El Generico, Claudio Castagnoli, Kevin Owens, the venue, Drake Younger, etc.


17 hours ago, Lunchbox said:

Off the top of my head any PWG show from maybe Guitarmageddon II: Armoryageddon to like maybe mind 2017 when the core PWG talent started getting snached up is just can't miss show after can't miss show. Mystery Vortex shows were always surprisingly amazing considering the cards were all made dude to talent not showing. 

Hero v Human Tornado was an amazing feud, Roddy's quest for the title was incredible especially the match between him and Kyle O' Riley. You can't go wrong with any BOLA or ASW like Legion said. If your into tag team wrestling DDT4 was always pretty good. 

Yeah I'll definitely be getting DDT4 2012, The card is stacked. And if I get any more after this I'll be getting All Star Weekend IV. I'll be browsing the BOLAS, Thanks

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