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Midna CAW


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With all the (usually hastily slapped together) Pokemon CAWs (and some much better ones of guys like Mario, Superman, and Goku), I found it rather odd that there is not a single Imp Midna CAW attempt posted on CC.


I then saw that someone named thehypnotoad had posted a Tifa Lockhart CAD you could fight against the male superstars with on Universe mode.


So...I downloaded it, and rebuilt it into a fair-to-middling Imp Midna (sans Fused Shadow mask).


There are a few areas I had to either fudge on or completely omit:


1. Omission of collar and ear spikes, as well as the white coloring of her right leg

2. Simplification of tattoos used on arms and legs (same pattern used for both arms, same tattoo used for both legs)

3. Fudging slightly on proportions (due to limitations of game's morphing engine)

4. Seams and wrinkles still visible on Midna's "skin" (actually a latex bodysuit)


Barring those issues, though, I put together a decent unmasked Imp Midna CAW. Now, if only I could figure out how to post pictures of this CAW (without them being of terrible quality due to me using my 3DS camera)...

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