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TIL Minoru Suzuki is an One Piece-fan.



His Twitter name is basically Suzuki D. Minoru. How did I not see this sooner.

For real. :lol:

His love of One Piece has been well documented


One Piece made him smile unironically



And he also appears in the Copperman anime, voicing himself

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TIL John Cena never had a 1-on-1 match with Kofi Kingston and Matt Hardy.

They teased Cena vs Hardy after the 2009 draft, and I wanted it so bad (Matt was coming off of murdering Jeff at Mania and was on fire). And then...I think Cena feuded with Big Show and Matt broke his arm and turned face again by fall? They never committed to his heel turn the way Matt himself did (i.e. they never changed his music, trons, etc while he came out with new attires and everything).

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So idk if this fits in this thread, but I'm watching The Wire on Amazon Prime, and I notice Vladimir Kozlov, hes in Season Two Episode 10, like right at the end. This is the second time I've seen dude in a series, first time was Season two of Punisher with the gym fight.

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Guest Fight Me.

Yeah, heard that story for the first time on Bruce Prichard's podcast a few weeks ago when they covered Sid. Crazy shit, but Bruce said they were both professionals when they were in WWF.


Sid always no showing during softball season always gets me though. :lol:

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