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Here are some things I learned today. Take them with a grain of salt though.


1. Tammy Sytch blew Sabu for a handful of Somas (that he literally held over her head until they both finished).


2. Lita banged her way through several rosters. It's been said that she let Steve Corino and Danny Doring piss on her.


3. Carlos Colon helped cover up the murder of Bruiser Brody.


4. Sid pooped in his trunks the moment before Undertaker hit him with the Tombstone at Wrestlemania 13

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Guest Shades of Cool

TIL that Shad Gaspard did the mo-cap for Kratos in the newest God of War


Oh yeah, I learned that recently and then forgot. It's pretty cool that he did the mo-cap.

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Today I learned all about the history of Bullet Club (thank you NJPW for finally having a Youtube channel) Makes me even more sad at how the ex members were treated in WWE.

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