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Attributes for Current NXT CAWs

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All depends on where you want them/think of them.


Nakamura has same stats as AJ along with Samoa.


Most are around 80.


Ones who you feel should be champ (like I increase Murphys). Also depends how competitive you want it.


See it like this. Just because they're in NXT doesn't mean they're not good wrestlers.


Jobbers on other hand early 70's.


On a personal preference. The ones who you think would cut it on the top card of Smacldown or raw, their attributes should be treated as such. Roderick Strong is something like 87 on mine.

Then there's Blake who is 73.


Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder late 80's as tag, along with DIY.


All personal preference my friend. Don't over think.


The lowest on my entire game is Jack Swagger, who is 67.

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