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What's going on in your Universe?


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I am still putting together my universe as I am having a hard time deciding on what I want to focus on. I want to do a WWE one for sure, but I want to make use of the WCW Nitro arena too. I made a GFW arena and I really like the look of it.

I am thinking about doing a GFW Universe and having champions and stars from all promotions face each other there. Sort of like an NWA. So I could have Pentagon Jr representing Lucha Underground vs the TNA champion. Or the WWE IC champ vs the NJPW IC Champ.

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Just started my universe. I'm preparing the return of WCW. I'm using the Nitro arena and I've downloaded a few WCW PPV arenas. My current champions are:


AJ Styles-WCW World Heavyweight Champion

Dolph Ziggler-WCW United States Champion

Kalisto-WCW Cruiserweight Champion

Dean Ambrose-WCW Hardcore Champion

Ascension-WCW Tag Team Champions

Naomi-WCW Womens Champion


WCW Roster

AJ Styles

Samoa Joe

Finn Balor


Sting(WWE version)

Kevin Nash

Scott Hall

Arn Anderson

Roman Reigns

Triple H(Too bad I can't change his name to Terra Ryzing)

Rick Carrington(custom CAW)


Brock Lesner

Alberto Del Rio

Rey Misterio Jr.

Mr. Perfect

Curtis Axel

Dolph Zigler


Stone Cold Steve Austin

Bret Hart

British Bulldog

Jim Neidhart

Lex Luger


Hideo Itami





Becky Lynch

Sasha Banks

Trish Stratus



Charlotte Flair

Heath Slater


The Dudleys

Sin Cara

Booker T

R Truth

The Revival

American Alpha

Bam Bam Bigelow

Boss Man/Ray Tralor



CM Punk


I may take a page from WWE and do a brand split with Nitro and Thunder. If I do then I'll probably make the Cruiserweight, Womens Championship and Hardcore championship cross branded. There will be WHC champions for both brands. The classic WCW Championship on Nitro and the "Big Gold" on Thunder. I'll be waking up early tomorrow morning to get started again.

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Extreme Rules


#1 Womens Championship match

Brie Bella vs Eva Marie ©

Falls Count anywhere match

Winner and New Champion Brie Bella!

A back and Forth match up between the two, there were times where it seemed like Eva was going to retain but all it took was a slip up by Eva and Brie hit the Bella Buster. This match was the 2nd best of the night.


#2 Jimmy Uso vs Stardust

Falls Count Anywhere Match

Winner: Stardust

It was really a one sided attack by Stardust, although Jimmy did get some offense in, he was unable to beat Stardust. This match was the 5th best match of the night.


#3 Tag Team Championship Match

The Dudley Boyz © vs Luke Harper and Erick Rowan

Winner and Still Champions: The Dudley Boyz

Back and Forth but a really boring match. Rowan almost got the win on D-Von but Harper, for some reason, broke up the pin. Bubba took out Harper and D-Von beat Rowan with a roll-up. This was the worst match of the night.


#4 WWE Championship match

The Rock vs Blake ©

Extreme Rules Match

Winner and New Champion: The Rock

This match was really good with both men on the offense. Blake almost retained his title but when he was going to hit the Frog splash, The Rock got up and hit The Rock Bottom. This was the 3rd best match of the night.


#5 Intercontinental Championship match

Big Cass © vs Rusev

Winner and Still Champion: Big Cass

As soon as the bell rang Big Cass wasted no time in taking out Rusev and stayed on the offense until Rusev low blowed Cass. Cass locked in his version of the Accolade and Rusev Tapped out. This match was the 6th best match of the night.


#6 Smackdown Womens Championship Match

Becky Lynch © vs Asuka vs Casey Maree (personal CAW)

Winner and New Champion: Asuka

Straight away, Asuka and Casey wasted no time to team up an take out Becky. Once they took her out, Casey decided to attack Asuka. After Asuka and Becky teamed up to take out Casey, Asuka kicks Becky in the head and wins. This match was the 4th best match of the night.


#7 Universal Championship Match

Seth Rollins vs Daniel Bryan ©

Table Match

Winner and Still Champion: Daniel Bryan

This match was action right from the get go and was back and forth and was simply amazing. Seth Rollins tried to hit 3 Phoenix Splashes onto the table but Bryan kept moving out of the way. Finally Daniel hit a flying GOAT onto the table for the win. This was the best match of the night.


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April Year 1, Week 1


Friday- WCW Nitro




Tag Champions The Outsiders vs. The Enforcers

Winner: Outsiders


The Bushwhackers vs. Randy Savage/Ultimate Warrior

Winner: Randy Savage/Ultimate Warrior


Jake Roberts vs. Big Boss Man vs. Dusty Rhodes

Winner: Big Boss Man


Hardcore Champion Bam Bam Bigelow/US Champion DDP vs. Natural Disasters

Winner: Bam Bam Bigelow/DDP


WCW Champion Sting '99 vs. Local Jobber

Winner: Sting


Women's Champion Trish Stratus vs, Alundra Blayze

Winner: Alundra Blayze


Ric Flair vs. Tatsumi Fujinami

Winner: Ric Flair





Sunday- NXT presents Main Event


Elimination Tag

Blake & Murphy vs. Los Matadores

Winner: Los Matadores


NXT Women's Championship

Falls Count Anywhere

Tamina vs. Asuka©

Winner: Still Champion Asuka


NXT Championship

Extreme Rules

Sting '91 vs. Samoa Joe©

Winner: Still Champion Samoa Joe


NXT TV Championship

Undertaker '91 vs. Hideo Itami©

Winner: New Champion Undertaker '91

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WCW 2002


Eric Bischoff brought WCW in March of 2001 and things was looking on the up for WCW fans. Little did they know Monday Nitro would be cancelled in July and the roster started jumping ship to WWF who soon would have a brand split in place. August thru to November superstars of the once big boys was all but gone as WCW hosted weekly PPVs and Bischoff was struggling to pay wages. November 2001 thru to March 2002.


World Heavyweight title picture

Goldberg, Sting and Bret Hart was headline acts week after week as WCW booked mainly indy stars under them on the card.


Arn Anderson and Larry Zbysko would hold WCW Tag Team titles and feud with the L.O.D.


Bam Bam Bigleow would Fight off NJPW stars Jushin Thunder Liger Hayabusa and Great Muta to defeat Vader for the U.S Heavyweight title.


Cruiserweight Tag and Singles would soon be inactive as WCW lost most talent to WWF.


Indy Stars that make weekly appreances

Ron Killings and AJ Styles would be the shining lights of the group.



March 2002 would see Bishoff bring in a mystery investor. That would help redebut Nitro and with the cheque book to add more talent WCW begins its Rebirth. Bischoff now has 30 days to come up with a roster that is signed and ready to compete against Raw, knowing that WWF holds more star power the ratings wouldn't be a factor for the first year.

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Still working on setting up my universe. Looks like im not the only doing the return of WCW universe but mine is done a bit different. Im booking my WCW the Night after the final nitro and that shane nevers buys WCW and the invasion never happened. Also since i have Double J Jeff Jarrett active in WCW That means TNA was never born. So you could see current TNA stars in WCW or WWE. Current WCW Roster is as of 2001 plus a few additions and subtractions.


Current Champions

WCW World HeavyWeight Champion: Booker T

WCW United States Champion: Booker T

WCW Tag Team Champions: (Team Canada) Mike Awsome & Lance Storm

WCW Cruiserweight Champion: The Hurricane


My WWE Side is still a work in progress update soon to come.

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I've split my rosters into two shows: RAW and SmackDown. The WWE Championship & WWE Tag Team Championships are on RAW, while the WWE Intercontinental Championship and WWE Women's Championship are on SmackDown.


Current Champions:

WWE Championship: AJ Styles

WWE Intercontinental Championship: The Miz

WWE Tag Team Championships: The Usos

WWE Women's Championship: Charlotte

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#1 Mankind vs Curtis Axel w/ Bo Dallas

#2 Queen of the Ring Tournament

Stephanie McMahon vs Tamina

Meghan (CAW) vs Serena (CAW)

Christina Hernandez (CAW) vs Sasha Banks

Paige vs Dana Brooke

#3 NXT Network Championship Match

Table Match

Tyson Kidd © vs Shinsuke Nakamura

#4 NXT Women's Championship Match


Alexa Bliss vs Naomi ©

#5 Submission Match

Kalisto vs Heath Slater

#6 Jason Jordan w/ Chad Gable vs Bo Dallas w/ Curtis Axel

#7 NXT Championship


John Cena vs AJ Styles ©


Predictions If you please

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Finally joining the current gen of gaming on PS4. Doing a Monday Night Raw and a WCW Nitro brand. Wiping out NXT for now until I start bringing in original guys that will go through developmental.

Here are the rosters:





Seth Rollins
Jack Swagger
Jey Uso/Jimmy Uso
Heath Slater
Dolph Ziggler
Finn Balor
Curtis Axel
Bray Wyat
Tyler Breeze
Dash Wilder/Scott Dawson
AJ Styles
Samoa Joe
Titus O'Neil/Darren Young
Alberto Del Rio
Bo Dallas
The Rock
Kevin Owens
Chris Jericho
D-Von Dudley/Bubba Ray Dudley
Zack Ryder
Simon Gotch/Aiden English


Women's Division (Charlotte, Sasha, Becky etc)


Erick Rowan
Dean Ambrose
Tyson Kidd/Cesaro
Enzo Amore/Big Cass
Luke Harper
Baron Corbin
Big Show
Sami Zayn
Hideo Itami
Buddy Murphy/Wesley Blake
Roman Reigns
Randy Orton
Chad Gable/Jason Jordan
Triple H
Braun Strowman
Shane McMahon
The Miz
John Cena
Kofi Kingston/Big E/Xavier
Sin Cara
Brock Lesnar
Mark Henry
Cruiserweight Division (TJP, Nese, Lince etc.)

Only deviations from this list will be Nitro getting the Cruiserweights and Raw getting the women's title.
WWE Championship (Current version) - Seth Rollins

Intercontinental Championship (Current White Strap) - Dolph Ziggler

Tag Team Champions - The Usos

Women's Champion - Charlotte




World Heavyweight Champion (Big Gold) - Big Show

United States Champion (WCW Version) - Rusev

Tag Team Champions - New Day

Cruiserweight Champion - TJ Perkins (when I download the cruiserweights)

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April Year 1, Week 2


Monday- Raw




Mark Henry Self Promotion Promo

- Henry is tired of being overlooked and knows what he is capable of. Henry put the locker room on notice and let everyone know that his one goal is to become champion again


Seth Rollins vs. Rusev vs. Cesaro

Winner: Seth Rollins


Chris Jericho vs. Darren Young

Winner: Chris Jericho


The Rock vs. Neville

Winner: The Rock


Dana Brooke vs. Women's Champion Sasha Banks

Winner: Sasha Banks


Brock Lesnar Self Promotion Promo

- Lesnar states he has been putting up with alot of crap lately and he is sick of it.

- Sheamus interrupts Lesnar

- Sheamus says Lesnar needs to start making sense or shutting up

- Lesnar makes some corny joke about setting a table for two now since Sheamus is out there

- Sheamus calls Lesnar boring

- Lesnar says he will throw him around and make him cry

- Sheamus says Lesnar doesn't deserve to be in the ring

- Lesnar believes Sheamus is not even on his level

- Sheamus attacks Lesnar but Lesnar ends up standing tall


Sami Zayn vs. US Champion Roman Reigns

Winner: Roman Reigns


Undertaker vs. Sting

Before: Finn Balor sits ringside

During: Balor distracts Taker

Winner: Undertaker




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Finally had my moment that has hooked me into universe mode. A Rock/Cena feud that started as a friendly feud between allies with rocky constantly Beating Cena and occasionally cheating and using Prematch attacks but the crowd still loving him to death. Cena is getting more and more frustrated , telling Rocky that he is nothing, denying the offers of friendship and a tag team, then finally snapping and turning heel on him. Was a well built up heel turn against the top face on the show

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The First monthly PPV Extreme Rules has come and gone!

Rivalry Match

Bray Wyatt def. AJ Styles

As Styles was making his entrance, Bray Wyatt attacks him, sending him all around ringside and hitting a brutal Sister Abigail on the concrete. AJ had some fight in him once the bell rang, but another Sister Abigail put him away. It remains to be seen if AJ Styles is done with Bray yet. Or even, if Bray is done with him.

Smackdown Live Women's Championship Match

Becky Lynch def. Alexa Bliss - Championship Retained!

Smackdown Live Tag-Team Championship Match

Breezango def. American Alpha - New Champions!

Breezango looked better than they ever had in this title match, however this didn't stop them from using underhanded tactics to win the match. After the referee was taken out, Tyler Breeze threw a steel chair in the ring. Fandango hits Chad Gable with a steel chair before hitting the Diving Leg Drop. Breeze takes out Jason Jordan allowing for his partner to pick up the win for them.

WWE World Championship Match

Baron Corbin def. Dean Ambrose - New Champion!

A hard fought Extreme Rules match by both men, both nailed several big moves and both kicked out of some near pin-falls. They fought all over the crowd area and Baron put the Lunatic Fringe through a table with a huge Powerslam! Baron ends up getting the victory and winning his first championship via the End of Days! The Reign of The Lone Wolf has begun!

RAW Women's Championship Match

Charlotte def. Dana Brooke - Championship Retained!

Fed up of being humiliated every week by Charlotte, Dana Brooke eventually struck out on her own, attacking Charlotte during a promo and getting the WWE Universe on her side. She picked up the number one contendership in a Triple Threat between Bayley and Alicia Fox. This match was a good effort for the rookie, but Charlotte put her away quite easily to retain her gold.

United States Championship Match

Rusev def. Sami Zayn - Championship Retained!

A well rounded match by both men, Sami Zayn looked like he was going to obtain his first title on the main roster, but Rusev's Superkick proved too powerful for him. The Accolade finished The Underdog from The Underground off.

Rivalry Match

Finn Balor def. Cesaro

A fantastic Extreme Rules match that saw both world-class competitors take each other too their limits. Cesaro looked to be in control for a long time, even nailing Finn with some Kendo Stick shots and a Neutralizer, but Finn prevails and hits a devastating 1916 on the announce table, collapsing it into a hundred pieces.

WWE Universal Championship Match

Seth Rollins def. Kevin Owens - New Champion!

The main event saw the WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens have to defend against the former WWE Champion. Rollins proved to be a formidable challenger for Owens as the Canadian was sent retreating several times. Although Owens managed to get the advantage back in his favour by using the steel stairs and a steel chair, even nailing the Pop-Up Powerbomb, Rollins manages to pick up the victory by busting out the Curbstomp. The fans go home happy as the night ends with Seth Rollins celebrating with his new title.

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April Year 1, Week 2


Tuesday- Raw is War




WWF Women's Champion Trish Stratus Promo

- Trish thanks the crowd for their support

- Trish talks about unpredictability and wants to shake things up

- Trish wants to be one of the all-time greats

- Trish looks forward to the next PPV The Main Event

- Trish says she will make all the fans proud


Women's Champion Trish Stratus vs. Lita

Winner: Lita


The Rock '01 vs. Brian Pillman

Winner: The Rock


Mr. McMahon vs. Dude Love

Winner: Dude Love

News: Mr. McMahon has suffered a minor injury


Elimination Tag

Tag Champions New Age Outlaws vs. DX

Winner: DX


Chris Jericho '01 vs. IC Champion Razor Ramon vs. Vader vs. British Bulldog

Winner: Chris Jericho


Edge vs. Diesel

Winner: Diesel




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April Year 1 Week 2


Wednesday- NXT




Stardust vs. Tyson Kidd

Winner: Stardust

After: NXT Champion Samoa Joe mocks Stardust from the stage


TV Champion Undertaker '91 Promo

- Taker says he is the greatest of all time

- Sting '91 interrupts Taker

- Sting is tired of listening to Taker run his mouth

- Taker says Sting has no right to try and steal his spotlight

- Sting wonders why Taker continues to babble

- Taker tells Sting to walk away of he will have to be carried away

- Sting wants a match with Taker

- Taker says he chooses when to fight and it will be at the next PPV, Takeover: The End

- Sting thinks Taker is just scared

- Taker tells Sting he doesn;t get it, Taker wants to hurt him bad

- Taker says he is going to shut Sting up permanently


Tag Champions The Revival vs. Blake & Murphy

Winner: The Revival


Women's Champion Asuka vs. Paige

Before: Paige attacks Asuka during her entrance

- The Match never gets started due to Paige's attack





This is one of the best shows I've had since Universe was a thing. It felt like a real episode of NXT

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