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NadeDogg's CAW Showcase - 3 new CAWs added 21st October

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Hi all,

Some of you might remember my CAWs from last year. I've been recreating them for 2K17 and enhancing where I can.


Name: "Gym Bro" Nicky Carrino

Height: 6'2

Weight: 248lb

Hometown: Venice Beach, California

Age: 28

Gimmick: Comedy Face: Arrogant, loud-mouthed gym douche who works out a lot and thinks he's God's gift to wrestling. Started off as a heel, but his hilarious promos have seen the crowd adopt him as a face.

In-Ring Style: Powerhouse: works plenty of suplexes, body slams and decent mat work into his repertoire. Rarely leaves the mat, and not big on striking.

Signature Moves: The Gun Show (Flex and Drop); DOMS (Squatting Indian leg submission thing [forgotten what it's called!])

Finishing Moves: Leg Day (Stalled Suplex); BroBreaker (Military Press Gutbuster)

Catchphrases: "Bro, do you even lift?"; "Shut the hell up, manlet!"; "Bros don't let bros skip Leg Day"; "I'mma get my pump on!"; "Curls for the girls"; "Your form is terrible".

Download Details: Xbox: #natedogg88


All credit to IAMKEYU on the 2k forums for this one. I loved the Sterling Duval character/gimmick so much last year that I made my own version as he wasn't available on Xbox. I've recreated him this year. It's Sterling's evil cousin, Scott Duval!


Name: Scott Duval, AKA Mr. +1, The One-Upper, Diamond Duval

Height: 6'3

Weight: 245lb

Gimmick: Cocky, technical showman heel. His gimmick is that anything you can do he can do better. If you manage to beat him it's because he "donated a gallon of blood before the match" or "was exhausted from spending the last 72 hours reading to orphans" or "was injured rescuing an entire herd of rhinos from poachers".

Signature Moves: Headliner (Flapjack - used to set up the Blood Diamond); Ice Breaker (Running single leg dropkick)

Finishing Moves: Diamond Tip (Cradle DDT/Ram-Paige); Blood Diamond (Regal Stretch); "Finisher"+1 (Steals opponent's finisher)

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Name: "The Phoenix" Jet Matsuda

Height: 5'11

Weight: 208lb

Hometown: Osaka, Japan

Age: 33

Gimmick: Face: Heroic, Japanese high-flyer. Undying will to win and ability to fight back from adversity. Sort of Japan's answer to Rey Mysterio Jnr.

In-Ring Style: Spectacular high-flyer, with lots of moves off the top ropes and springboard offense. Also a good technician, capable of effective submission holds.

Signature Moves: Phoenix Suplex (Tiger Suplex 1); Firestarter (Wristlock Springboard DDT)

Finishing Moves: Phoenix Splash (Phoenix Splash); Fire Clutch (Rolling Kneebar)


Recreated my fave tag team from my CAWs last year too, Leon Leonard and Last Call Lassiter: The Mods.



Name: The Mods (Leon Leonard and Ben "Last Call" Lassiter)

Heights: Leonard: 6'0; Lassiter: 6'2

Weight: Leonard: 209lb; Lassiter: 249lb

Gimmick: Face: British Mod subculture revivalists (The Who, The Jam etc.). Leonard is a smaller, more technical submission specialist (think Daniel Bryan), while Lassiter is a pure powerhouse (think Ryback).

Signature Moves:

Leonard: Mod Sleeper (Dragon Sleeper 2); Moral Panic (Regal Cutter)

Lassiter: Bridging Suplex (Gentleman's Clutch); Pinball Wizard (Single Leg Boston Crab)

Finishing Moves:

Leonard: Penalty Kick (Punt Kick); Carnaby Street Special (Danielson Special)

Lassiter: Quadrophenia (Burning Hammer 1); Going Underground (Bicycle Kick)

Catchphrase/Chant: "We are the we are the we are the Mods, we are the Mods, we are the Mods!"

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