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WarGreymon's Championship Belts - Oct. 30, 2017

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Intercontinental '87
My favorite IC design because of the red logo. I wanted to show this off with Macho Man, but the clipping with the robe would've been horrible. Because it uses the same strap as the modern IC belt in the game, 1. it has the gold tip 2. black is really more of a dark gray.
Tags: WWF, WarGreymon77, Reggie, Parks, WLF, Intercontinental

WCW United States '92
I bet some people don't know about this belt. I didn't. WCW's first United States Championship post-NWA was designed and crafted by the legendary Reggie Parks. The influence of the classic IC is obvious. But the shape is NOT exactly the same, as I had some trouble making this thing in the game. I wish we could get rid of the plate. Anyway, the differences between this and J-Mar's later, simplified version... The main plate features a more ornate and beautiful detailing. Reggie is a real artisan, brother. There are 4 sideplates instead of 2, and as you can see, they have a more legible design. It also has the rare "WCW U.S. Champion" logo plate on the right side.
Tags: WCW, United, States, WLF, Reggie, Parks

It looks better in the game.

The Winged Eagle w/ logo plate is still in the plans. We shall see.

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Winged Eagle WWF Championship
Tags: Winged,Eagle,WWF,WWE,1988,WLF,World,Heavyweight,Legends,WarGreymon77
I did this one for two reasons.
1. The one in the game has no WWF or WWE logos on it whatsoever. Pretty bizarre for an official WWE product. It's like THQ scanned a generic replica that couldn't afford the rights to the WWE block logo.
2. The one in the game also has no "WWF Champion" logo plate on the right side.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Throughout its history, TNA Wrestling (before it left Spike TV) had 4 different championship belt designs.
1. NWA (domed globe) 2002-2007: even after "officially" leaving the NWA. Weird stuff, just like what happened with WCW.
2. TNA World Heavyweight Championship #1 (2007-2010)
3. Jeff Hardy's purple belt (2010-2011)
4. TNA Heavyweight Championship #2 (2011-2017)
What I'm about to show you is TNA World Heavyweight Championship #1, which is my favorite TNA world title design BY FAR. I've never watched Impact on Destination America or Pop, or GFW, so I can't comment on those. But I know TNA #2 looked terrible compared to TNA #1.

This belt was created by master craftsman Dave Millican. I like the shiny two-tone look, and the 3D globes. The story goes, TNA was careless with this belt, so Dave got fed up with TNA's incessant need for repairs. Bridge burned. Probably why they ended up going with the new belt.
Tags: TNA,Total,Nonstop,Action,WLF,Wrestling,World,GFW,Impact,WarGreymon77

I hadn't planned on making TNA belts, but hell... these days, TNA's 2005-2008 glory days might even be considered nostalgic or old school. And I really need more downloads. They'll probably shut down the servers before MegaDragonzord77 hits diamond, though.

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