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Creations Showcase


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Made this topic last year and seem to help people, will be posting creations on Xbox One and PC version when it comes around.


Survivor Series '04 by Voodoo Vibez!


Raven by DanielakaDee!


Wrestle Kingdom 11 by chevthepunisher!


Stevie Richards by Replicant13!


United Kingdom Championship by WWEADDICT4LIFE!


Davey Richards by SuperSauldier!


Rhyno by SuperSauldier!


Jay Lethal by Dre41!


Psicosis by Luthor1940!


Rey Mysterio Jr by LUK3 the DUKE!


Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa by SuperSauldier:



Charlotte by: PyresOfVaranasi:



TNA Grand Championship:



Drago by: ShovelThrower



Kurt Angle by: Danielakadee



NJPW Arena by: itachi4937


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I'd wait though, Ernez said it corrupted his save DLing it (luckily he used a 2nd profile for his videos)


Ahh okay - thanks for letting me know!


Yeah it did, I downloaded a second time and it didn't.

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Could you start an arena showcase? Could be best ppv's (as they happen if you get what I mean).

Yeah I plan on doing more. I already did a NJPW one which is in this thread. Just haven't got around to do another.

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