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Are you ready?


I'm happy to be back in the thick of things, another year, another change to the creation suite. But I'm not worried. Im excited to get started and I really want to make you guys happy this year. And Im going to start by asking you guys to give me an idea of who you want first. I know a few of you use some of my guys and I want to get the most popular out first.

So let me know and Ill get em out as soon as possible!

And as always, Thank you for the support.

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I do have to work this weekend. (Like 12 hours a day) so i will begin to work on ryker as soon as Im able. Ive already begun work on max morgan but im still adjusting to the tattoo stuff. Ill get there though!

I do have to work this weekend. (Like 12 hours a day) so i will begin to work on ryker as soon as Im able. Ive already begun work on max morgan but im still adjusting to the tattoo stuff. Ill get there though!

Ps. Sorry for double post! Haha

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So as promised friends. Year 3 begins with the fan favorite.

Ryker Justice.

Attire 1: Original

Attire 2: Trunks

Canadian Backbreaker - "The Scales of Justice"
Forearm to Bulldog - "Justice for All"

Military Press Uppercut - "Hammer of Justice"
Falling Powerbomb - "injustice"

So as requested, Ryker makes his reappearance. I know that not much changed, but I really enjoy this design and intend on trying to keep it going with only minor changes as I did with this year. I am really happy with the way he turned out considering his tattoo was gone (gonna have a lot of issues with that this year. lol) Also took the logos off his armpads, and added logos to the kneepads. Im glad you guys wanted to see him as he is one of my favorites.

He is on the CC with the tags: caws.ws, Justice, Ryker.

Thanks for the support guys. And I will start getting my ideas together for another favorite of mine, Colt Everette.

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The Third Year Superstar has made a return. A New age return.

Clark Edwards

Attire 1: WWE2K16

Attire 2: Reinvention

Following last year, I really enjoyed Clark Edwards and his look and style. But this year, Im going to go completely off the rails. In my universe he was just starting to get some momentum in getting to where he needed to be. Going for the NXT TV Title Several Times. Before he got injured. His injury took a toll on his psyche and was forced out of action for an extendd period of time. He then returned home, and he was in rehab. He eventually met up with Bad News Barrett whom had just left the company and was offered work in Bare Knuckle Brawling and Boxing. Training under Bad News as his mentor he began to Brawl and Box, he started to get more disciplined, as well as dropping almost 30 pounds. He is now Faster, Tougher, and Smarter than ever before. Completely flipping his wrestling style on its head. That being said, he is still the Royal Pain in the Ass he always has been, but now, he is completely diverse in his wrestling style, mixing Submissions, High Flying, Striking, and Old School Power moves into his arsenal. Clark Edwards is poised to really push to the top.

Creators Note: I know a lot of you liked him how he was thus why he has his old look. But I felt he needed to be reinvented to get better. I want opinions on his new look, be brutal and honest!


Figure Four Sharpshooter - "A Royal Declaration"
Superkick 4

Forearm Smash 8 - "Royal Bullhammer"
Forearm Smash 3 - "Running Royal Bullhammer"


Tags are Clark, Edwards, Caws.ws

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So I know a lot of you are waiting for Colt Everette, But I am having a lot of issues with Sleeves and thus I can't get him how I want him yet. So I began to work on the 8 Year Pro.

Max "The Scorpion" Morgan. Except this time, something isn't right.

Attire 1: #MMLives


Attire 2: WWE2k16 Updated

Max Morgan Lives.

Following his unsuccessful year last year, Max fell into obscurity. Losing the Championship after only 1 defense, he fell into a deep dark place. Never fully capable of making it back into the limelight. This drove him mad, drove him to insanity at the paranoia that he would become forgotten, and lost in time. Unstable, and a little mysterious, he is now an unknown entity in the WWE. No one knows what he is capable of, all people know is, He Lives.

Creators Note: I'm Extremely excited to bring MM back this year better than ever. I am really happy with his look this year, and I hope you guys enjoy him too.

GTS 1 - "Lights Out"
Jumping Knee Attack - "No Destiny"

He is currently uploaded.
Tags are

Thanks guys for the immense support.

At the last second I decided to make his beard longer. He has been updated on CC But I will not be reuploading pictures.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello everyone, Im sorry for the Hiatus, I was waiting for the patch so I could do tattoos how I wanted. And I have been hard at work at two guys from last year. First up.

Colt Everette

2k16 Attire




So I knew I wanted a new attire this year with colt. I wanted to bring out his country brawling side. And thats how I came up with his second attire. Still the roughneck country boy turned wrestler.

Underhook Piledriver - "Coltdriver"
Clothesline From Hell

And Secondly, we have the second year kid, Sheldon King!

Attire 1: WWE 2K16

Attire 2: New Day Member

So, sheldon King returns again this year, with two options. His singles gear, and His New Day Gear. I know a lot of you guys joked that he looked like a new day member, well, now he is! haha!
Seriously though, I just thought it would be like, he is an ally of them, not a full on member. But I made two different attires for all-purposes.


Imploding 450 Splash - "Dethroned"
Dark Matter - "Shattersweep"

Thank you guys for the continued support and downloads. I am sorry again for not posting, but don't worry, more will come!
Happy Belated Halloween too. :D

Tags for Colt is

Tags for King is

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A new Challenger has appeared.

"Two Count" Tino Santarelli

Attire1: Main Attire


Attire2: Secondary Entrance Gear

Tino Santarelli, the italian blooded new yorker, is back, and stronger than ever. After a sub-par year last year in NXT, he went back to his roots and took fitness to another level. He began to professionally weight lift. Gaining a lot of muscle mass and strength he became stronger than he ever has. And when he won silver medals in a National Weightlifting Exhibition, he opened up his own gym and became a personal trainer. He called it "Major League Weightlifting" He continued to train and made his return to WWE a new man. Still a bit cocky sometimes, but is there to get the job done.
As for the new nickname, in my Universe mode, he had the biggest heart, basically fighting till his body gave every single time. He would nearly always kick out at two, including a match with Colt Everette where they went on in a 45 minute match of back and forth finishers, Tino Kicked out of 5 Finishers, and 3 signatures before his body finally gave out. Colt and him are natural Rivals.

Argentine Backbreaker - "All-or-None"
Dragon Sleeper 2 - "Law of Nature"

Tags will be


I will be taking down ryker justice temporarily to post him, but if anyone wants Ryker, just let me know and Ill post him.

Thanks guys for the support.

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Got another return for you guys. The Second Year man..

"Superstar" Christopher Wallace!

Attire 1: WWE2k16

Attire 2: New

"Superstar" Christopher Wallace returns this year looking to prove himself after a very disappointing first year. He was very overwhelmed by the sheer talent in the WWE and thus fell flat. But did that damage his ego, or even damper his confidence? Oh no, Not "Superstar". He, if anything became a lot more cocky, even bringing on the new moniker of "The Artist of the Ring".
He has been hard at work to prove himself, will this year be the one?

Parallel Facebuster - "The Face-Lift"
Carribean Kick - "Hollywood Wheelhouse"

I am not uploading him right away to give time for people to pick up Tino. If you would him though please let me know and Ill post him.

When he is eventually posted, tags will be


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Any chance of carlos cruz?

He is completed, just making finishing touches before i upload him. Prolly within the hour.

As promised, Carlos Cruz makes his return!


Attire 1: WWE2k16






Attire 2: NXT New/Puerto Rican Pride






Carlos Cruz makes his long awaited return after a semi-decent short year with NXT. He never had a title shot, coming in so late in the year, but He certaintly made an impact. Winning his first few matches, he was poised to get a Singles Title match. Not much different this year, he just adapted a bit of a new look. This year he is looking to really get his foot in the door and win a title.



Superkick (Corner)

Superkick (Running)


Tags are:





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