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Leon Blackgrave

Leon Blackgrave - Classic Leon Slot and Kuro Abunai

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Hello Everyone, I made my Caw Leon Blackgrave again this year!


Heres a Showcase Video with Signature Actions, Spots and Moves he usually does, so you'll get an Idea what type of Wrestler he is. I turned it into a little Musicvideo.




Since I use him since 2007, and he barely aged (only during my 2011 Era) he had to age once again, because he cant stay in his 20s forever.

This Version of Leon Blackgrave is in his 30s, the years of Bumps left a little Mark on him, but since he let himself go till last years Game (which was because the face editing locked me out) he worked out to get into shape again. To prove that he can still do what he used to. He no longer uses his Trademark Corpsepaint, but he uses Warpaint around the Eyes, the shape of sharp tears and Wings are present.


I might change the Entrance InRing in the Future and upload it, but if I do, I'll just notify you here.












Uploaded two Versions, one which does Require the Goldberg DLC and on which doesnt.

Althou it seems you need to unlock Sting'91, but I have no idea why, I hadnt unlocked him when i made Leon.



All Textures on him are either edited together by me, modified by me, created or drawn by myself.


The CZW Arenas are all uploaded and made by me, the Blood Texture and the Thumbtack texture are also mine but I havent made that Deathmatch Version of the Arena public.

You can download the Arena without the Blood and Tacks thou.




Big Thanks to Thr33X for sharing the Glitch that allows Tattoo sleeves.




Here are the Close Up Pics:





Attire 1:



Entrance Attire:



Alt. Attire:



Tatoo Closeup:






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Still think that change to blonde was one of the better ones. Looks vicious as always

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I may put him in a tag team with one of the caws i'm working on, if that's cool.

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Thanks, glad to hear that.


Upload a 2nd and Third Slot this and Last Week:



Basicly due to some Demand, the Classic Leon Blackgrave:





and his NJPW Gimmick, Kuro Abunai:



Attire 1 and Entrance:



Close Up of Attire ones Face and 2nd Attire Entrance, because its just a Colour Pallette Swap.




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I hate it when they blink as you take a snapshot! lol But yeah, mighty fine updates sir.

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Yeah he is

Ahh that is a big shame, I loved the mask attire you put out last year. If you ever fancy uploading the logos I would happily take a crack at it myself.

I only made shirt and logo texture. I can send you these if u want.


Maybe u can still do what they patched later. I used some of these luchafudes mask and balors headpiece.

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If you don't mind uploading them I would appreciate it, even though I make a million CAW's I actually have no clue how to go about transferring a picture from photoshop etc to my guys.

I blame my age...

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