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Ted Gordy


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WWF/WWWF (time frame 1978/1982)

Bob Backlund

Larry Zbyskzo

Tony Garea

Rick Martel

Tito Santana

Pedro Morales

Baron Mikel Scicluna

Jay Strongbow & Jules Strongbow


Afa & Sika

Dino Bravo

Dominic DeNucci

George Steele

Gorilla Monsoon

Ivan Putski

Valiant Brothers

Johnny Rodz

Jose Estrada

Ken Patera

Bobby Duncan

Tony Atlas

Hulk Hogan

Luke Graham

Mr. Fuji

Professor Tanaka

Tor Kamata

Peter Maivia

Spiros Arion

Stan Stasiak

Steve Travis

Rick McGraw

Ted Dibiase

Victor Rivera

S.D. Jones

Frankie Williams

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I started the Wild Samoans, having trouble locating some good references..If you have any good face, body and attires you may want, if you can find some good pics it would be helpful...

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