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Dr. Fumbles

Dr. Fumbles' OC showcase (formerly monkeypasta)

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Hey again guys; gonna be bringing back most of my OC wrestlers from previous years. Will have new updates, in regards to hairs and some attires. Most of the gals will be push down a bit, in regards to height, in order to make some of the exceptionally taller women appear bigger, and the Olivia Bardin caw, from the steam version, will most likely be future endeavored for the time being.


Gonna be tackling the women first, so expect quite a few of those launch day. Kiyori, Nora, Sylvia, Bianca, Davey, etc. will probably be part of the first batch; not sure if the 20-a-day logo thing has been expanded upon.

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I don't think anybody's CAWS made me feel the way so many of yours last year did. I'm definitely looking forward to this sheeit

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Hey there!

Long time lurker of these forums. I was a fan of your CAW showcase from 2K16, so I'm looking forward to see what you come up with this year. :cool:



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Alright; here's what was accomplished during day one:

shot for 11 caws, most are done appearance-wise, though some are still in need of their alt attires and movesets done. Reworking designs for the Lucha Sylvia char and probably Veronica Price.

"The perky-one" Jenna Jordan is completely finished (well save for like a titantron....gotta wrap my head around that one)

She's up on the CC; comes with a yellow variant and different trunks.

Finisher: "Jenna-cide" (pheonix-splash)

Face update:
Really love the trunk variety for women this time around; especially the high-cut variant.
Here are some of the returning characters(some a bit WIP):
Madam Adelle- Grenoble, France
Finisher: Last Laugh (eat defeat)
"the Lovely Latina"
Nora Perez - Costa Rica
Finisher: "Crimson Star" (shooting star splash)
"Cuteness personified"
Rinni- Osaka, Japan (will probably make her cat alt)
Finisher: "Everything Nice" (reverse jumping neckbreaker)
"The Paragon of Perfection"
Petra Gladwin -Hollywood, California
Finisher: The Close-up (codebreaker)

"The careless creep" Bianca Norrie - Pheonix, Arizona

Finisher: Dead Drop (powerbomb lungblower)


"The elusive enchantress"

Zara- Persia

Finisher:" Sultan's curse" (billy goat curse)


"The Pride of Japan" Kiyori Toda -Tokyo, Japan

Finisher: "Toda-l Annihilation" (reverse corkscrew moonsault)



Will be going over movesets and more of these chars.

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I am floored. These are incredible! Super impressed with how many you've managed to whack out on day 1!


Love Madam Adelle, Rinni & Jenna. Will certainly be adding these to my universe.

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Wow, that was fast! All I managed to do on day 1 was to install the patch, lol


Lovely CAWs nonetheless. Madam Adelle, Rinni and Bianca Norrie are probably my favorites from what I've seen so far.


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The creativity used in select pieces of the costuming is certainly "outside of the box" thinking.


Additionally, I'm favorable to the inclusion of the high-rise variants, too, and pleased to see someone else utilize it.


Nicely done, so far.

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King: Haaaaaa! Look Cole! The Panda Socks are back!

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Rekka- You mean like the nicknames and such? Most of those I use for the forum description. Some of the names, are ones I've been using for a number of years; though if I'm drawing blanks, I will usually hit up a generator and do some other research.


SIG - Yeah that'd be grand; cross-platform CC is hopefully something they would consider.


Malfunction- Thanks; yeah, I always dug the look of the high-cut brief. Very modest, sexy, and stylish, IMO. The generic male ones aren't too shabby either; just so long as it's not the very small bikini brief from last year.


Got a big post coming up; can't wait to finish all their attires and start working on movesets.


BTW, hilarious edit of Lesnar, Kost



"The widow-queen" Eliza Black -Aurora, Colorado

Finisher: "Black-sting" (reverse swinging neckbreaker)



"Sweet ole" Georgia Harris - Jackson, Mississippi

Finisher: Alabama slam



"The Lucha Assassin" Sylvia - Mexico. Channeled full lucha with her alt this time. Sorta wanted a leotard for it, but ran into some logo issues. Plus one of them is missing a color slot.

Finisher: "Last Rites" (five-star frogsplash)



"The barbaric babe" Belle Ramsland- Oslo, Norway (in my head anyway, they never include Norway...)

Finisher: Tiger-bomb


"The rule-breaker" Isabel Carter- Queens, NY

Finisher: The cheat-sheet (single underhook-facebuster)



"The Go-getter" Lisa Barnes- Indiana

Finisher: Barne-Burner (sit-out spinebuster)



"the Queen of Pristine" Veronica Price, Monaco

Finisher: Dessous De moi (bicycle kick)



"Fabulous" Phoebe Dixon- Seattle, Washington

Finisher: "The Final-say" (half-nelson driver)



"Mistress" Sierra Night- where-ever she wants

Finisher: "Safe word" (widows peak)



"The Guiltless Goth" Amelia French- Parts unknown

Finisher: "The death-wish" (mickie james ddt/girl bye)



Evie the madwoman- edge of reality

Finisher: Pavor Nocturnus (block-buster)



"The trouble starter" Jodi Quinn- Dublin, Ireland

Finisher: "the problem-solver" (one and only)



"The Honorable one" Celeste Hawthorne- Blackpool, England

Finisher: Coat of Arms (vertebreaker....yeah I know kinda ironic)



"The Bodacious Beauty"

Dawn Davis - 80's

Finisher: "The Chill-Pill" (whippersnapper)


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Wow, Sylvia's alt. attire! Wasn't expecting anybody to use the Hawkman ears, but they do work surprisingly well in this case. I like the ribboned cape too. It's one of this year's new items that I know I want to use on a CAW, I just haven't come up with any ideas for it yet.


btw, how did you get the logos on Belle's tights to connect so seemlessly? There's not a single blur to be seen there!


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The base pattern has black bars layered over it (done in photoshop); helps a bit with lining stuff up I guess. Stumbled on the idea when I made the Van Howe caw in 2k15. Also doesn't hurt that logos no longer shift after you place em'; that drove me up a wall last year.

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Ugh, why are these so good!? >_<


I gotta second that about Sylvia's second attire. That came out great.


Was Georgia alot thicker last time around or am I confusing her with somebody else?


Something about that in-game cap of Sierra... love it.


And Evie, that shot with the mouth open holy hell XD. Are all of these returners or are some new? I can't recall all of them from the collage

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She-wolf - Thanks; I look forward to making the rest.


WNX- Georgia has kinda always bit that way; I didn't really pull that off too well last year. The cut of the briefs also emphasize her shape too. The vast majority are returning, though with some, I might have forgotten to showcase extensively.


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Nother fairly big update; Petra is up to download. Meant to get to Adelle and Sylvia today, but just couldn't get around to it. Will most likely finish my women's division sometime early next week, and then either start up the guys or flesh out some movesets. Really can't wait to get my universe up and running.


"The punk queen" Rebecca Davey- Leeds, England

Finisher: All's well (sit-out jawbreaker/stunner)



"The Virtual vixen" Adrian Mackie- Tampa, Florida

Finisher: "Rage quit" (modified russian legsweep)



Knaira the Divine - Mount Olympus (personal favorite so far)

Finisher:" Saint's Edict" (side effect)



"The Luscious Loudmouth" Rita Murphy - Brooklyn, NY

Finisher: " Murphy's law" (gutbuster drop)



"The Anarchist" Rachel Romero - New Mexico

Finisher: "Riot-starter" (knee trembler)



"The Racer Elite" Zoe Reynolds - Detroit, Michigan

Finisher: " The Hot lap" (mushroom stomp)



"Always mean-spirited" Sonya Cruise - Glendale Arizona

Finisher: " The Dirt-nap" ( reverse swinging neckbreaker/f5)



" The Cheer captain" Cindy Adams - St. Louis, Missouri

Finisher:" Pom Pom Kick" (trouble in paradise)



Also some of the character portraits



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