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The Accuracy Factory [Jinder Mahal/Seth Rollins] movesets and moveset database (creation tool)

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I really like your movesets for in game people but I'm so confused on the CAW ones like I was trying to do Adam Cole but it's so discombobulated compared to your formulas for in game people. No biggie just a little confusing.

you mean the database?


Yeh. it can be a mess. I mean...i created it for me. So obviously i understand it. But i can see how anyone else looking at it could get confused.


If u have any questions about things u see in the database, i'll answer them.


and im pretty sure i mentioned in the OP....but you can use a file searcher program like WinGrep32 to search the database.


ie: u see a move in Adam Coles file and want to see the move for yourself. Go into WinGrep32. Search for "Adam Cole" in the database. Then put the name of the move in "search in file". And it will give u the Show that the move is from. So u can google the show and find the move

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