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Custom Match Up Screen Equivalents?


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Does anyone know what if any specific promotions the custom shows represent, a few of them are obvious but I'm not sure about others.


Neon: GLOW


80s: Early 80s WWF


Stars: Some kind of legends promotion?


Future: Impact


Gothic: Lucha Underground?


Steel: WCW


Hardcore: ECW


Underground: ???


90s: In Your House?


Fighting Spirit: NJPW


Sports: UFC


Fabulous: Divas?


Does anyone know of any of these?

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Well obviously, but some of these seem pretty blatantly similar to real life promotions for the players to recreate those promotions in game.


I mean the steel is dead on for WCW Nitro, and futuristic is reaching a little but its pentagon shape and general look seems to be going for TNA Impact. The rest might be generic but I wanted to see if there were any obscurish promotions that I didn't know about that could match up to some of these.

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