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Looking for help with custom logo for CAW

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I tried making a logo for my main CAW, Keyu. The concept is supposed to be a revolver cylinder with a cross hair over it with a skull for the target dot.


I tried making the logo myself but my limited image editing software skills were only able to take me so far. Also the second logo has all the black portions of the cylinder in white if it's hard to tell. If anyone can help make it look like it wasn't made in MS Paint I'd greatly appreciate it :D




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I love you Foldy, absolutely brilliant work. Thanks for the logos and for all the other stunning work you've done on this board :D


Also if it's not any trouble I'd love to get the photoshop(?) files.

I would love to be able to remove the letters which are covering up the beautiful inner reticle design you've made and play around with the colors because I change my CAW's color scheme very often based on who I'm tagging with or facing in MyCareer mode. Also I'd love to be able to experiment with the textures when I attempt to make a side plate.


Anyways, cheers you beautiful human being! :cool:

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