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Just finished AJ Styles, some critique please


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Update: Edited his face, again.








But it's only up on XBox. Will have 2k17 on ps4 (preordered)



Just finished (I think) making this AJ Styles, basically from scratch. I drew a few of the logos I couldn't find online, like his latest tattoo with the birthdate of his daughter and his unique kick pads. Also photoshopped like 10 photos of his face until I found one that worked perfect. Anyway, here's my outcome. This is the attire from summerslam last week. Even added the arm band he was wearing along with his AJ logo.














I've never used this image host so hopefully it works. Probably post the full screen ones if this doesn't work.


Let me know what you guys think. I tried to match the skin color and body mass from the 2k17 gameplay footage I've seen. The hair is the only thing that bothers me but it's the best fit from the selection available. I just got the game last week, and it's really the only person I've created. I tried Goldberg but gave up lol

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Don't be silly, it's great. All you have to do is tweak the face. RaieE the guy who posted them pics, he probably goes over em time and time again until he's happy with em, doesn't mean you have to start from scratch. Keep the attire, top notch.


Practice makes perfect. Just make sure you get 2K17! ?

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If I were you, I'll just ignore with Styles coz he's in WWE 2K17 game. So for me, better prepare with wrestlers that're not gonna make in the next game so that you can convert em over from 2K16 to 2K17.

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Updated his face.





Used a different face pic




Had to photoshop the dark spots and facial hair out because it was causing darkness on his face.




Feel free to use it if you like.


Is it any better?

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Another update.


I know he's gonna be in the new game, but that's 2 months away from now lol.






I used this face pic, had to edit the original. He was too pale and it was causing major issues lol. Also had to remove the shadows under his nose. This game thought it was his nostrils. I also had to remove the hair that was covering his left eye, then made a copy and flipped it so that his eye would show.




What do you guys think? Still horrible? Lol

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I'd take off the heavier beard. The shorter one, you can see his double chin (which he has), and looks so authentic. *censored*ing 1000x better anyway. Practice makes perfect.


Do what RaieE said aswell and make some prototypes of wrestlers who aren't gonna be in game. Ie CM Punk? ? Unless that's your cm punk in match with mania, which is quality already..

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Thanks for the replies guys.


That CM punk isn't mine, I downloaded it off community creation.


This is my AJ though, here's another update. Rocking his red attire, specifically the one he wore during Raw last week in a 6 man tag team dark match.






Same face pic, just readjusted his jawline and head, plus his profile.


Here's one of gameplay



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From what I saw the face without the hair looks great..

But since there is not a single good hairstyle for AJ in the game I suggest maybe using a different pic like the one where his hair gets in his face to cover up some of his so that it looks more like him..

Great work though on everything else

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Thanks guys. I found better tights for him, without the designs all over it and it comes with kick pads.


His black and blue attire look so much better with it. I'll post it when I get home


Is community creations download count (not the download limit) glitched? I've uploaded about 7 different AJ styles, and the one with the most downloads is around 100 on the indicator.


But when I go to my upload menu, I have gold slots that unlocked the other day. There's a goal at the top, which states I get 5 points per download and its in the thousands to reach the next level. It moves up really fast everyday, but like I said, when I check my uploads-the download count on them doesn't add up to the slots screen. According to that screen, thousands have downloaded my creations.


Or am I somehow glitched into a gold slot? Lol

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Yeah defo glitched. I click on someone to see their creations, and always (now goes to mine).

View account all wrong.


I used to turn off and back on and limit reset. Since its mucked up, I found a technique where if you put what you're looking for (say Aj styles) in 3 times, it will appear.. Now.. It deletes one, so there's two only, and now randomised again... ?

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Made a new one again. New face and used it again as face art overlay.


Here's the reference I used to make this attire.




Gave him highlights like in the pic lol


Here's some gameplay pics





I know his shirt logo is different. I have the logo but uploaded it at 512 and worth 8 points.. Which I ran out of making his attire lol

Downsized the correct logo, looks better imo


His ratings and abilities. I was going for sub 90, maybe 90 the most.. But I can't really lower any of the attributes and the damn abilities add to the overall rating lol


His alternate attire is from his WWE debut at the Royal Rumble. Looks like his 2k17 attire too.


Here's what I was talking about earlier. It says my stuff has been downloaded that many times, but when I go to the actual CAW and check the download count, it comes no where near to that number.


how is this version fairing?

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