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Coeur D'Alene

Good suggestions on what I can name my Universe 'show'?

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Basically at the moment, I've created the brand split but tweaked the rosters slightly to reflect it being more even on both sides. Of course this is entirely made up of the modern day wrestlers and divas like Kevin Owens, Charlotte, Seth Rollins etc.


However, been reliving some classic old school/attitude era/ruthless aggression era matches on the network and it's inspiring me to create a show to hold all of the wrestlers already on the game (and in the DLC with a few CAW additions) and add in the classic major titles (WWE Undisputed Championship, World Heavyweight Championship etc) for everyone to fight over, along with setting up some of the older PPV events on alternate Sundays to the main roster.


With that being said, I'm struggling for a name for this 'show', any good suggestions?

I already contemplated ones like WWE Rewind, WWE Classic but they just aren't very 'snappy' or effective in my eyes.


Just need something that summarises using an older roster than the current day one so any help is much appreciated, cheers :)

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"All Stars"

"Legends of Wrestling"


"WWE Network Classics"

"Saturday Night Main Event"

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Friday Flashback


Before I scrolled down was gonna say throwback as well


Millennial Monday or millennial madness (as based on wrestlers around the millienium time.


Blast from the past or past blast


WWE rewind (like the segment.. Lol)


Line of show could be "throwbacks from way back tryna make a comeback" ha.

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