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Disk v download copy/reinstall fixes problems?

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I love physical copies of games. (I collect everything)..


Anyway.. Bought a disc copy was on sale..


Had downloaded version since release but had to delete game files of downloaded to install disc version (backed up save on plus server).


Anyway don't know if a coincidence because people say to fix all the glitches/bugs etc is to reinstall or the disk version runs better.


Reinstalled disk copy and haven't had a single bug or application corrupting and turning game off... Seriously. No caw freezing when editing I can't explain.. ?


Side note, buzzing for this raw and Smackdown. Feels like 2 PPV's. Obviously (opinion) Ambrose is gonna lose title tonight so WWE championship goes to raw.. Meh. Hope I'm wrong. Took tomorrow and Wednesday off so I can stay up lol (here in uk). Think this confirms I'm a dork.

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