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WWE2k17 Confirmed Information!


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A big reason why match creator being back for 2k18 and now letting us save our match types is a huge deal!


Now that I'm here, which legends do you all think has the best character models in 2k17? I played some of my legends show in universe earlier and so it's making me think. Some are truly bad with a capital B, however I think some are fantastic as well such as.. Goldberg, Sting (current and 1999), Steve Austin, Rock, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Eddie Guerrero and a couple of others.

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No they took it out, last game it was in was 2k14. "Tongan twist" Reverse rolling cutter


That DDT Luther Reigns use to.do, the reverse DDT twisted into a regular one... is that still in 17?

Sum bitch. Thanks, just wanted to make sure I wasn't skipping it
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