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This date is cursed. The purge happened on this day last year too. 

There was no reason to split IIconics and Heavy Machinery. Nothing good came out of it for any of the four parties. Billie and Tucker's release was completely avoidable if not for breaking their teams up. 

Real shame about Chelsea Green too, certainly didn't see her release coming along with Billie's.


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Guest Fight Me.

Damn, Wesley Blake really got *censored*ed over by his partners. Ryker's racist ass got them taken off TV, but ofc he's the one that got brought back. Then Blake & Cutler got their chance under Corbin, but Cutler went to a party maskless, got sick and then released.

Honestly, I would've loved to have seen Blake & Murphy reunite on SD at this point. Not like they have anything for Murphy anyway.

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WWE began filming promos this week for the return of Aleister Black, PWInsider.com has confirmed.

Black hasn't been seen on television since being drafted to the Smackdown brand last year.

Based on what we have heard about the vignettes, they are loosely based on Black's childhood.    Black, 35, signed with the NXT brand in 2016, making a splash there.  He was brought to the main roster in 2019 and most recently was seen feuding with Kevin Owens in the fall of 2020 on the Raw brand.

There is no word when they will begin to air, but one would think it would be seen.

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I bet they won't clear Joe so he's going elsewhere, don't blame him and I want to see him in a ring. Most of the releases so far will do well without the WWE and it'd be interesting what Bo does, will carry on wrestling or go all in with farm. 


Budgets cuts! They got that massive deal with Peacock. 

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