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That sucks.

38 minutes ago, HeLLBlaZer#14 said:

They were supposed to be with rollins,I think something happened cause of the  corona

One of them got injured again in that No DQ match Big Show randomly returned for.

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I seen something on twitter that more releases are expected because of the AOP and Brisco, not sure if true or not, time will tell I suppose. 

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As far, it appears the WWE cutbacks have been related to office staff who had been furloughed back in April but had not been brought back to work for the company.  In the last 6-8 weeks, WWE had been bringing back a small amount of those placed on furlough with some employees returning every week or so.  It would appear, based on what we are hearing, that many of those being let go today were some who had been waiting word on when they were returning to work.  

We are told that there have been departures all across the board, with live events and travel departments hit hard, obviously due to the reduced need for those departments given the lack of touring brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

PWInsider.com has not yet heard of any talent releases.  Whether talent will be part of this latest cutback remains to be seen.

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