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Did the gloves come before or after the slash mask? I always thought that was a shitty look.

The slash mask is the mask without the tails on it like in 2k20?

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man, I can totally understand for someone like, for example PAC when he wanted to leave. You have a contract, you are hot as shit, you aren't going to wrestle around the world... *Censored* you.


I mean, Jorge Arias is 42 and just wants to wrestle in Mexico probably... It's not like he is some hot superstar that will go to your direct competition, no offence to him.

Just leave the man be, damn.


Maybe guys like that are used as an example. But they are doing even more damage.

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Yeah that's stupid. Why should I be invested in a character that has absolutely nothing interesting going for it to me? All they had him do was be a lucha wrestler that shouts Lucha Lucha". Yawn.

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