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I think Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton need to be released... they're barely on NXT anymore and are both receiving the JTG treatment.



NXT is alot more than the taped shows.

Indeed, they only showcase like half or a third of the roster on TV. Edited by Niffan
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I think Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton need to be released... they're barely on NXT anymore and are both receiving the JTG treatment.


Fulton actually seems to have finally found himself something alongside Alexander Wolfe in a Mad Max inspired tag team.











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TMZ reports that all domestic charges against former WWE Superstar Adam Rose have been dropped.


Rose has shown that he’s getting professional help for his marital issues after the incident at his Florida home last month. Rose was charged with misdemeanor domestic violence and felony tampering with a witness after grabbing his wife by the face during an argument, then preventing her from calling 911.


Rose’s wife begged the judge to go easy on Rose, saying he did not hurt her in any way and that the situation was blown out of proportion. She also told the judge last month that Rose had been getting counseling from his pastor and she believed he was responding positively to it.


The incident happened while Rose was serving a WWE Wellness suspension and led to him being granted his WWE release after being suspended indefinitely.


Prosecutors told TMZ that the victim stopped cooperating and filed documents to drop the case, which is now officially closed.

Rose’s lawyer, Maj Vasigh, told TMZ:


“The charges were dropped in this case because, as both he and his wife have maintained from the beginning, Mr. Leppan was absolutely innocent. Mr. Leppan did not, nor would he ever hurt his wife or anyone else.”


“Suspicion of domestic violence is a very serious matter, as it should be. Responding officers sometimes, even if unsure of what happened, make an arrest just to be on the safe side. That is what happened here; and after a careful look at totality of circumstances, the justice system came to the correct conclusion.”


“Mr. and Mrs. Leppan both continue to be madly in love. And while no relationship is ever perfect, they are relieved that this very public personal experience is over.”



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– Ryback appears to be preparing for his career after WWE. The WWE star took to Instagram to reveal that he’s “really excited about the brand I’m building.” You can see the post below.


Ryback is currently at home due to a contract dispute with WWE; his current contract expires this summer and he is expected to be released once it expires.



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Interesting to note that we've heard there's been communication over the last few days between WWE and Cody Rhodes, who just departed the company. From what we can ascertain, there's been discussion about the company signing him to some sort of deal similar to their Legends deal, which would allow the company to release merchandise, etc. using his likeness. It may be that they had Stardust, etc. material coming out from a third-party (a Mattel action figure, for example) and offered him a deal so legally, they can move forward with that. There's been no talk of Rhodes returning as a full-time performer as he's seeking to work specific, big matches on the independent level and we've heard he's already being represented in Hollywood for potential acting work.



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Cody Rhodes was the guest on the debut edition of "The Ric Flair Show" on MLW Radio for the first part of a two-part interview.


During the interview, Cody stated that the reported "merchandising deal" between himself and WWE was related to a biography of his father, [Dusty] Rhodes. Cody stated that he was working on rights to be able to still write the book memorializing his father. Rhodes has been working on the project since his father's passing last summer.


It's a really great listen as Rhodes discusses his training for independent wrestling, wanting to become an actor, amateur wrestling and more. Part Two of the conversation will debut next Wednesday.



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