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Fight Me.

Official IMPACT! Gifs/Pics/Vids Thread

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He was he worse causality of TNA's love with signing ex-WWE talent. Man was so over and should have beaten Jarrett for the title but instead lost to him and aligned with him. He was legit the best.

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I wanted to know if Sharkboy had any recent appearances, so I was browsing his wiki page.

TIL, he actually filed a lawsuit against Miramax and won an undisclosed sum. Lol. 

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On 10/4/2020 at 8:23 AM, Fight Me. said:

This man was an absolute unit.

That takes me back man. Monty could of been one of the best imo, he was unmatched in TNA at the time. God only knows what could of been, they should of pushed him to the moon but he ended up playing second fiddle to all the WWE signings.
He was the full package, a true shame. 

Side note: I miss peak TNA. Likely the height of my wrestling fandom for me. 2005-09 was just grand to me, top form Joe, Monty Brown, Christian, AJ Styles, Fallen Angel, AMW, Abyss etc. Kurt Angle had his best run in TNA, same goes for Christian Cage. 

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